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The most wonderful draft of the year.

NBA: Boston Celtics at New York Knicks
I’m wearing my Porzingis shirsey tonight.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


ESPN, 6pm CT.

The several weeks leading up to this event are some of the most entertaining and dramatic, both of which the NBA thrive on. There have been trades, almost trades, puzzling moves, lots and lots of talking about potential moves. Will Porzingis get traded? Will Paul George? Are the Cavs actually serious about trying to add another All-Star level piece? Which college senior will the Bulls draft this year?

This is one of the deepest draft classes of the past couple years and a whole lot of teams are going to add some playmakers to their roster. The excitement, it is palpable.

Need a little pre-draft reading? Here’s Sporting News’ Sam Vecenie with his prospect list and a bunch of analysis. CBS Sports has some of the best basketball coverage around and Gary Parrish’s mock draft is as good of a guide as you’ll find. The motherships has their own mock which is an excellent piece as well. Oh and I also really liked this Jonathan Tjarks read on the Nets and D’Angelo Russell.

We, of course, very well could see Peter Jok taken late in the draft and if not, he’ll end up in the Summer League and quite possibly in someone’s training camp.


@WojVerticalNBA ‏— Breaks 90% of NBA news. The only follow you really need, though @TheVertical is a good catch-all for their coverage

@HPbasketball — CBS Sport’s Matt Moore’s blog. One of my favorite follows on Twitter.

@netw3rk ‏— The Ringer’s Jason Concepcion. All of the good taeks.

@SheaSerrano ‏ — How are you not following Shea?

@TylerIAm ‏— Co-Hosts The Mickstape, one of Barstool’s best podcasts.

@talkhoops ‏ — Zach Harper. Another one of my favorite follows. Brilliant.

@CBSSportsNBA ‏ — Again, CBS Sports has fantastic NBA coverage.

@andrewsharp — Current SI, former Grantland, always great.

@ZachLowe_NBA ‏ — One of ESPN’s best NBA writers.

@Sam_Vecenie ‏— Dude works hard. Great insight into college prospects and the draft.

@erikmal ‏— Mostly covers Golden State, really talented writer.

@DragonflyJonez ‏— Will have at least one tweet go viral tonight.

Am I missing anyone? Let me know in the comments. NBA Twitter is the absolutely best. Let’s have some fun tonight.

Oh, almost forgot, this is perhaps the most fire thing I heard today: