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Four Chances to Parlay Your Iowa Football Road Trip with an NFL game in 2017

Game tickets, a car and time off work are all you need to maximize your football intake on one of four weekends this Fall.

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Tennessee Titans v Chicago Bears
This could be you.
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If you’re like me, you are an out-of-shape bald white guy in his late 30s. But you also love football — lots and lots of football. You love football so much that spending an entire weekend eating, drinking, traveling to, and attending multiple football games sounds like the perfect vacation.

Well, allow me to play travel agent, because there are four Hawkeye road games this coming season that set up perfectly for you to get your college and NFL fix all within a span of two or three days — with a little help from our friends at Stubhub.

Check it out:

Sept. 9 at Iowa State

After making the trip to Ames to watch the Hawks and Clones, do not rush to leave the parking lot. Think about staying the night in a reasonably priced hotel, waking up the next morning and making the 3 hour, 15 minute trip up to Minneapolis. Find a cheap hotel, check in, rest up or sight see the rest of the day. You’ll need your energy to tailgate all day for Monday Night Football at U.S. Bank Stadium, where Jaleel Johnson and the Minnesota Vikings host the New Orleans Saints.

There are plenty of tickets for the game on sale at Stubhub right now for under $150.

I recommend staying another night if you can swing it as opposed to driving home late.

Editors note: you know you’ve been wanting to check out the elite craft beer scene in the Twin Cities AND see the best football stadium in the world. Here’s your chance!

Oct. 21 at Northwestern

This one won’t require as many hotel stays. Actually, just one night. After watching the Hawkeyes battle with Northwestern in Evanston on Saturday, go out, see Chicago and get back to the hotel. The next day, catch the train or an Uber to Soldier Field to watch the Chicago Bears take on Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

Plenty of tickets to that game are currently on sale at Stubhub for under $120.

Nov 11. at Wisconsin

If the Wisconsin game is anything like it has been during the last couple of seasons, you’ll be emotionally exhausted. Find the energy to hop in the car when it’s over and make the two hour-ish trip down to Chicagoland and get a hotel. The next day, head over to Soldier Field to see the Bears take on the Green Bay Packers. Now, because this is a Packers game in Chicago, tickets are going to be a little steeper than normal. That said, you’re looking at a decent number of options right now on Stubhub for under $200.

Nov. 24 at Nebraska

After taking in the Heroes Game on Black Friday in Lincoln, thaw yourself out with a Runza or two before making the three hour trip down to Kansas City. Check into a hotel and rest up. The next day, go grab some barbecue (I recommend Jack Stack’s Freight House location) and take in the Power and Light District at night. Then back to the hotel for an early Sunday morning rise. Get yourself together and head over to Arrowhead Stadium as early as you can to soak in the greatest tailgating on the planet. Then head into the loudest stadium in the NFL to watch the Kansas City Chiefs host the Buffalo Bills.

Right now, tickets are as low as the $40 range on Stubhub. You probably wouldn’t need to spend more than $100 on a ticket to this game.

So there you have it: four opportunities for a weekend road trip full of fun and football with some friends. Sure, when you add it up, these weekends won’t be cheap, so I suggest picking one and making plans as early as possible.

There’s a good chance you’ll see one or more writers from Black Heart Gold Pants during your travels. If you spot me, I’ll buy you a beer (or pull one out of the nearest cooler).