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Jake Adams digs the long ball.

The Daily Iowan

If you’ve been following Iowa Baseball at all this season (and you really should be, they’re having a great season!), you know Jake Adams has been a BEAST. Tonight, Adams cemented his place in the record books by tying the single-season home run record with his 22nd long ball!

There’s no video (yet), just the above graphic, but again it’s worth mentioning: this guy has been on a hot streak all season long. He’s two home runs away from leading the entire NCAA, but been especially hot as of late: six home runs in the last five games.

As far as the game goes, Robert Neustrom followed up Adams with a home run of his own, which gave Iowa a 4-3 lead against the Illini. The game is still ongoing — it’s currently 6-5 Iowa in the bottom of the 8th at publication — so there’s still a chance Adams could become the lone record holder before the night is over.

In the mean time, check out this profile about Adams’ by The Press Citizen’s Dargan Southard while we wait for a video clip:

And, if you haven’t been following along with Iowa Baseball this season, start now! Our own Danny Payne mentioned why in yesterday’s scrambler, which you can read here.

Also, apparently no one wants to win the Big Ten. This could get interesting!