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And legal updates

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning and happy Thursday! If you’re a student at Iowa taking spring finals this week, the end is in sight — don’t take classes with exams next time around! If you’re not a student at Iowa taking finals (even if you are), we have an exam for you on the happenings in the wide world of Hawkeye sports over the last semester.

Let’s jump into it.

  1. Peter Jok led the Big Ten in three categories during his senior season. What were they?
  2. By way of winning the first NCAA Championship of his career, Cory Clark became a four-time All-American. How many other Hawkeye wrestlers have accomplished four-time AA status?
  3. Jake Adams is currently leading the Big Ten with 16 home runs and a .672 slugging percentage. Who holds the single-season Iowa record for home runs?
  4. Which Hawkeye women’s hoops player set the career scoring record during her senior season?
  5. This was after your fall semester final, so we’re going with football to wrap things up! What was Iowa’s record the year following its 1991 Rose Bowl appearance? Better or worse than the 2017 campaign?

It might be fun to play the Curb theme as you read what’s below.

Following a Polk County jury’s decision to award $1.4 million to former Associate AD Jane Meyer, the University of Iowa is seeking to delay the Tracey Griesbaum trial — it’s scheduled to begin June 5.

Per a motion from Iowa AAG George Carroll, the originally scheduled 10 days will not be sufficient for the Iowa camp to paint its case and defend clown athletic director Gary Barta. The Meyer trial was allocated 15 business days, which wasn’t good enough to dodge a huge fine and open the door for legal action down the road.

As we saw last week, Barta’s failure to execute the most basic duties of any position of power — FOIA concerns be damned — led to his downfall. Maybe the circumstances surrounding the Griesbaum case, specifically the ‘not for cause’ clause in her contract, will warrant a more favorable outcome for Barta and the athletic department, we’ll know soon enough.

But after the Meyer verdict, Carroll’s office has to look like a total madhouse trying to defend Barta a second time around.

The Buccaneers waived former Iowa cornerback Greg Mabin Wednesday following the team’s rookie minicamp. He was the only player released from the roster. For those keeping score at home, yes, fellow fomer Hawkeye and UFA Maurice Fleming made it past the minicamp. Carry on.

Answers! We hope you didn’t cheat. Even if you did, whatever.

  1. Pete led the league in points per game with 19.9, free-throw percentage at 91.1 percent, and usage percentage with a mark of 30.2 percent. That’s the highest usage percentage of any player at Iowa since they started keeping track in 2009-2010.
  2. 19
  3. John Knapp with 22 in 1986. I’ll give a dollar to anyone who actually got that. Venmo @dannyapayne
  4. Ally Disterhoft. Had to give you a softball.
  5. The Hayden Fry-led Hawkeyes went 10-1-1 the following year, finishing second in the Big Ten with a tie against BYU in the Holiday Bowl. Worse, sadly.