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Thank you for participating in Black Heart Gold Bracket

Did you win? Probably not.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Championship Game-Gonzaga vs North Carolina Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone, and thanks to all who participated in Black Heart Gold Bracket. We had an excellent showing this year with 340 participants, but as these things go, there could be just one winner!

And the winner is ...

Chad Starling, of Starling’s Superb Bracket. Starling scored 148 points, just barely edging out second-place winner Big Drinky, who had 146 points. Starling correctly predicted two more opening-round games than Drinky, and that’s what bit him in the end.

Starling had an all-chalk final four, but having Gonzaga and UNC in the title game with the Tar Heels as the winner paid off.

So join me in congratulating Mr. Starling on his winnings. We’ve reached out to him, and he would like for me to draw a rendition of Peter Jok outscoring Naz Long in the three-point competition. He said he wants to rub this in the face of his Cyclone friends, however I believe they will be the ones laughing last once they see my work.

Big Drinky gets nothing, because second place is first last place.