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Overreaction Monday: Let’s think way too hard about a quarterback competition

Because everyone loves a good quarterback controversy.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Wisconsin
No matter who wins, someone will be screaming for the backup quarterback by the second series of the year.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Rest assured fans of Overreaction Monday, this is the last time someone other than JPinIC will be taking this piece. It’s been fun wheeling this around, but it’ll be great to have him back once again.

But, for today, you get my thoughts — so let’s dive right in.

We have a very public quarterback competition, which was on display at Friday’s spring game.

Iowa seems to have an inordinate amount of over-the-top QB competitions and Tyler Wiegers vs. Nate Stanley will absolutely be one of these. Wiegers is older and has virtually no future — athletically — at Iowa if he loses. That’s a lot of pressure. Both quarterbacks are young enough that they might still have a chance to play somewhere else, along the same lines of Jake Rudock, Nic Shimonek, and Cody Sokol if they decide they’d like to transfer. There’s also a chance the loser settles into a backup role. It’s just how college quarterback competitions work. Or, you know, like an audition for a job. But let’s not open that can of worms completely at least. Think about this for a second: you’ve spent your entire life working to get a chance at taking over the reigns of a Division-I football program and then all of the sudden, you’re usurped by a younger player, who your coach decides to burn a redshirt for during last year’s regular season garbage time. I still don’t entirely understand that decision.

Regardless, both quarterbacks have flashed at various points for the Hawkeyes

I still think Stanley wins, however.


During the quarterback play looking shaky during the spring game, safety Jake Gervase looked like he can play.

All right, so that’s not the world’s greatest throw, but still — Gervase had three interceptions. The Iowa secondary has really been one of the programs strengths over the past couple seasons and it’s good to see another player look like they have stand-out potential.

The Hawkeyes corners also seem to have a really good chance at being good. There was a replay of the Iowa-Michigan game during the evening and it’s not hard to forget just how good Manny Rugamba was during that game.

It’ll be fun to see a bunch more of him throughout the years.


Speaking of Iowa corners, a certain former Thorpe Award winner is feeling mighty confident as draft time rolls closer.

Okay, I feel that Desmond. I too believe you can be a force at wherever you’re drafted, it might take some tim-

All right! I’m all for players going all-in on themselves come draft time, but calling your shot seems a tad on the excessive side.

King certainly is good enough to be able to pull something like this off though and I can’t wait to see which NFL squad decides to give him a chance. Speaking of which, I’ve mostly been seeing King get a third-round grade around the interwebz, which surprised me just a little bit.

There seemed to at least be a little more hype around him after he won the Thorpe Award last season than this year. His production definitely fell off as compared to 2016 and you start to wonder if, perhaps, he would have been better off going to the NFL early. It certainly was nice to have him back on last years team, but still. Personally, every time King got hit on a punt or kick return last season, I cringed a little bit. He gave so, so much to the team and you don’t want his pro career to suffer a setback before it even got a chance to get off the ground.

It didn’t, however, and now we just get an uber-confident Desmond King. That’s not a bad thing.


Switching gears to baseball for a second, the team dropped a complete head-scratcher of a series to Rutgers. We’ll have a full breakdown later, but here’s a quick recap in the meantime.

After winning the first game of the series 8-3, the Hawkeyes were outscored 18-8 over the final two games. It puts the Hawkeyes at 23-15 on the season and 6-6 in conference play. Postgame, head coach Rick Heller said the team was at a “crossroads” and he certainly is not wrong.

Luckily for Iowa, its final four Big Ten series are all against teams currently lower than it in the conference standings. That’s not really going to help the team RPI, but it could certainly add some wins to the Hawkeyes total, which wouldn’t be unwelcome.

Pitching remains a big problem for the Hawkeyes as the team seems to be hemorrhaging players at the position. Cole McDonald really struggled in his start on Sunday and the only real quality start of the weekend was Nick Gallagher’s on Friday.

It’s been that way more than once this season and the arms on the mound just might be Iowa’s downfall this season.