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Happy birthday to the three-point king, Peter Jok.

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

And there you have it. Peter Jok has ended what will go down as an all-time Iowa career on top after winning the Great Clips 3-Point Championship. How fitting that a man best known for his sharp-shooting abilities was able to show off those abilities in his last appearance in an Iowa uniform, on his birthday no less!

In the first round, Peter Jok shot at the same time as Iowa State’s Naz Mitrou-Long, outshooting his interstate counterpart by a score of 21 to 11. Most importantly, he hit four of his five money balls, giving him an extra four points. Jok’s 21 was the best score of the first round. Another fun note: [REDACTED] got to watch his kid flame out in the first round. I’m cool with it.

Jok came back out in the second round and lit up the competition once again, this time putting up 22 points, tying Grand Canyon’s DeWayne Russell for best score in the round. Derrick Walton Jr. and Matt Jones would be eliminated to set up a finals matchup between the two highest scorers.

And in the final round, Jok wasn’t done. Not even close.

Jok was able to beat the hometown favorite in the finals by once again lighting up the scoreboard for 20 final round points, while Russell absolutely gassed himself in the previous round and was only able to put up a final tally of 16.

“I put the pressure on him, and yeah, I won.”

Yeah, you did, Pete. Thanks for everything and congrats.