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Cory Clark is a 133-pound NCAA Champion
The Daily Iowan

By way of a 4-3 decision in his third 133-pound national final, Cory Clark is finally an NCAA Champion.

That. Was. Awesome.

The senior used a smart first-period escape followed by another in the second and a takedown to defeat Seth Gross Saturday evening. The third period heroics are a strong finish for the lone national champ in Iowa’s senior class.

Clark followed the match with a beautiful throw of Associate Head Coach Terry Brands as his opponent and former Hawkeye waited to shake hands in the middle of the mat. Please watch and enjoy.

Clark’s thoughts.

The four-time All-American was wrestling the majority of his season with torn ligaments in his right wrist and a shoulder that popped out of its socket twice. But here we are.

In all, the Hawkeyes finished with five All-Americans. Thomas Gilman, Brandon Sorensen, and Michael Kemerer all took third in their respective classes, while Sammy Brooks took fourth. The other four Hawkeyes did not place.

We’ll give some analysis on Monday and through the week, but let’s enjoy what happened tonight.

Clark getting the job done in his last match as a Hawkeye was fantastic and very rewarding.

Great career, and thank you, Cory.