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Black Heart Gold Pants is looking for a few good writers

Help wanted. Apply within.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

2016 (and three months in to ‘17) was a big year for The Pants. It saw new management and new writers. We experimented with some things. Some worked, some didn’t.

All in all, we’re pretty happy with the way things have fallen, though we’re still learning! We’re even more excited for the future, and we want you to help us. We think we have done a pretty good job covering Iowa, but we want to do more. That’s where you come in.

Black Heart Gold Pants is looking for help, in the form of one or two (or more) contributing writers.

We’re looking for people who can do any of the following:

  • Writing regularly (multiple times a week) on the site, with an emphasis on developing news stories, but also potentially columns and analysis.
  • Assisting the Site Managers in the management of the site's Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Moderating and maintaining a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming site community.
  • Beat writing about the Hawkeyes
  • Social media coordinating
  • Video production

Outstanding candidates might have developed specialties or interest (e.g. historical research, an understanding of recruiting, or video production), and/or the ability to bring diversity of perspective, experience, or background to the role. If you’re really good with graphics or advanced stats or anything fivethirtyeight-y, we’d love to hear from you.

Experience is preferred, but not required. Any and all interested candidates are encouraged to apply.

To apply, please email Send a brief introduction explaining your interest and experience. Clips are welcome, and we would love to see a writing sample of something you think would fit on the site right now. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

You know to where to find us if you have any questions. You can email us, comment on this, or slide in to our DMs.

Go Hawks.