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It’s the most wonderful betting time of the year

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Iowa once again finds itself playing some postseason basketball, though it wasn’t quite in the same capacity we were all hoping for.

That doesn’t mean Iowa’s first round matchup against South Dakota on Wednesday is without fanfare, though. Jeremiah Davis writes there are two reasons people should tune in to the game: former Iowa point guard Trey Dickerson is a starter for South Dakota, and the new rule changes that are being tested out in the NIT:

The game will be played with each half being split into two 10-minute segments — not defined as quarters — where team fouls reset to zero at the end of each segment, and the teams are limited to four personal fouls per segment before going into the bonus. When in the bonus, teams will automatically shoot two free throws. Additionally, if the ball is inbounded into the frontcourt, the shot clock resets to 20 seconds.

-Speaking of Tre Dickerson, him and Peter Jok apparently facetimed each other once the NIT matchup was announced:

“We’ve stayed in contact since our freshmen year in high school. We’ve always taken time to talk, text, whatever. He’s definitely a best friend, slash, brother. I kept up with him even after I left Iowa. I always cheered them on, wanted them to win and for him to do well. What he’s done, I’m happy for him,” Dickerson said.

-If you hadn’t heard, Indiana declined to host an NIT game because Hoosier AD Fred Glass didn’t want to “devalue” Assembly Hall.

Iowa, meanwhile seems to be embracing the prospect of hosting more hoops.

-We’ll have wrestling coverage weeklong starting tomorrow, but for now here’s some bulletin board material: Thomas Gilman doesn’t think wrestling at NCAA’s will be anywhere near the height of his career:

This will be a good springboard. Just because I win the Big Tens and then I win the nationals doesn’t really mean that I’m a legend. I’ve got two coaches that are world gold medalists, an Olympic champion (Tom Brands) and an Olympic bronze medalist (Terry Brands). That’s something of a legend. A one-time national champ, pfft, it’s something to roll your eyes at. I’ve got work to do.

-Jon Miller had a nice roundup of Jarrod Uthoff’s time while on his 10-day contract with the Dallas Mavericks.

-The women’s team is hosting a game at Carver this week, too. Bluder’s Bunch is welcoming Missouri State Thursday night in the first round of the WNIT.

-Connor McCaffery was snubbed from being named Mr. Basketball in Iowa this year, and his brother Patrick doesn’t seem very happy about it!

-This is fine.

This is March

Now we turn to March Madness, life’s rich pageant of degeneration and amateurism.

-If you’re going to Vegas for the Big Dance, watch out, because Norm Clarke is watching you.

-Surprise! Schools that see success in the NCAA Tourney tend to get more applications. Sometimes the increase in applications is as high as 10 percent.


-Here’s a full roundup of how CBS and Turner are covering this year’s Big Dance.

-The Wall Street Journal advises you to stop picking so many upsets in your bracket.

-Don Draper’s Heinz ad is now a real thing.

And that’s that. Go Hawks.