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So this is a thing that’s happening

NFL: Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In what’s becoming a typical Friday afternoon news dump action for the Iowa football team, social media has turned aflutter with the news that Ken O’Keefe is coming back to Iowa City.

Iowa hasn’t sent out its normal press release email yet, but you can be sure it’s coming.

More than a handful of people believed (or hoped) O’Keefe would become the offensive coordinator following the retirement of Greg Davis, but obviously Brian Ferentz got that job, and apparently the search for a replacement for Greg Davis’ other role ended with O’Keefe.

This hire obviously can be met with some trepidation. O’Keefe left Iowa City five years ago this month to become the receivers coach with the Miami Dolphins. Fans loved the move because they had thought his offenses had become predictable and milquetoast. It turns out we didn’t know what milquetoast was until Davis came to town.

BUT! As always, there’s room for optimism, too:

Many believed O’Keefe would never come back to Iowa City, leaving his Miami condo and possibly less-stressful, higher-paying job (he spent the last season as a football analyst for the Dolphins, whatever that means), but alas, here he is, back in the cozy and familiar surroundings of Iowa City.

There will be time to talk about what O’Keefe brings the table as a recruiter and a coach and all that, but for now, let’s just welcome him back with open arms, and pray he does well in his new position.