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#HelloJerry Mailbag Solicitation: The best of the “Best of”

Tomorrow will be our year end, “Best of” Mailbag. Submit your questions NOW!

Iowa v Villanova Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

You know the rules by now... I’m going to ramble on about something in Iowa sports only to trick you into giving me questions for tomorrow’s mailbag. You can throw them in the comments section or send them directly to me on Twitter (@JerryScherwin) or use the hashtag #HelloJerry.

Happy Holidays you lovely buncha coconuts.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet this week. As I mentioned in the last mailbag, I want to do a “BEST OF” column. Best of what exactly? Whatever you all want. But do get them to me ASAP. I’m going to do my best to make this the ultimate Friday Mailtime Mailbag for all of you stuck at work like I am.

If we all do our part, I’ll make sure there is enough fodder for three bathroom breaks in the blog and the comments section.

So make ‘em good!

You can hit me up in the comments section of this post. You can leave them on the BHGP Facebook comment section as well. Or, if you’re feeling ELITE, follow me on Twitter @JerryScherwin and send in your question to me directly or by using the hashtag #HelloJerry.

Love you.