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Iowa women have little issue with UNI, Tania Davis tears ACL (again)

The Hawkeyes have just one non-conference game left

NCAA Womens Basketball: Iowa at Minnesota
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

This was a real slow week in Iowa sports actually happening, so we’ll keep this brief.

The Hawkeye women’s basketball team waltzed into the McLeod Center and got an easy 71-47 win over Northern Iowa to move to 11-1 on the season. Megan Gustafson did Megan Gustafson things and scored 26 points while grabbing 10 rebounds.

This is the best team at Iowa this year and it’s not going to be particularly close.

And hey, a little bit of ESPN coverage never hurt.

But, sadly, all good things that seem to happen at Iowa end up leaving you with a bitter taste in your mouth because nothing good lasts forever here. Tania Davis is done for the season.

She tore an ACL again, this time in her left knee, as well as injuring her meniscus. Because of course she did.

Iowa doesn’t get to have nice things, didn’t you know?

Anyways, I seriously doubt Tania is able to recover. It takes a real tough person to go through two ACL surgeries and have such a promising career be compromised in this manner. I doubt she’d want our sympathy, but damn if this isn’t just awful.

Even more than her playing career, however, I sincerely hope she’s able to recover fully. It’s really hard for me to fathom how anyone comes back from a pair of ACL surgeries.

Anyways, moving on from this particular gloom, Iowa gets Drake tonight with a chance to sweep all the Division-1 colleges in this state. That would be... pretty awesome.

The game is on BTN+, in Iowa City and starts at 7 p.m. God’s time. Go out and support the team.

Hawkeyes cancel Iowa Open

The Iowa track team decided to cancel one of its indoor track meets, the Iowa Open, on Wednesday.

This is the release, in full:

A source close to the team said lack of interest was part of the cause for its cancellation. The meet is close to the Big Ten indoor track meet and was, as stated in the release, close to the Alex Wilson Invitational.

It certainly isn’t ideal for Iowa track fans hoping to see the team at home, but it seems like there really weren’t a whole lot of options. Better to do it now than later.