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NCAA Football: NCAA Football: Purdue at Iowa The Des Moines Register-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve probably heard by now that Josh Jackson and Josey Jewell have won approximately a metric fuckton of postseason awards by now, with the cherry on top coming yesterday when they were each named first team AP all-Americans.

Shortly afterward the news from the AP, Iowa’s JJ’s were named all-Americans by the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA). The designation from the FWAA is important because it helps players earn a coveted consensus all-American title.

FURTHERMORE, it was just announced minutes ago that Jewell and Jackson are named Sporting News all-Americans. That’s 4/5 to get consensus unanimous AA status. The final nod will come from the American Football Coaches Association, which announces their team tomorrow.

The news comes two days after Jewell was awarded the Lott IMPACT Trophy. So yeah. Iowa’s players are going gangbusters this offseason. They deserve better than 7-5.

While the Iowa football team has much to celebrate, the Iowa women’s basketball squad cracked the AP rankings, coming in at No. 25.

Bluder’s Bunch is coming off a win against Iowa State in Ames, a place Iowa hasn’t won since 1989. Nineteen eighty-nine!

The Hawkeyes are still led by Megan Gustafson, who’s been named Big Ten player of the week for the past five weeks. She’s a legitimate contender for the Naismith Trophy if she keeps this up.

In other hoops news, the Iowa men take on Drake this Saturday in Des Moines. Drake, despite being 5-4 on the year, took Minnesota to the wire in a 68-67 loss last night. The Bulldogs shot just under 40 percent from three. Let’s keep an eye on that for Saturday.

Some more news, as Iowa football’s Brandon Snyder was arrested for a DUI over the weekend. The arrest, ironically, took place near Kinnick Stadium at the intersection of Melrose and Hawkins.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen an Iowa player get in serious trouble with the law. Since Snyder has no priors (that we’re aware of) I expect him to not travel to the bowl game. If this was midseason he’d probably miss a game, but by spring of 2018 everyone will forget about it, for better or worse. I would not be surprised if the punishment is greater than that, however.

Other things

Miniature Books

The University of Iowa is cataloging 4,000 tiny literary jewels. Miniature books -- all measuring three inches or smaller -- are an intricate art form that dates back centuries, but don’t try to read the text without your glasses on.

Posted by NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt on Sunday, December 10, 2017

One player had more tackles, pass breakups, interceptions and forced fumbles than the other despite playing one fewer game. But the other player threw 4 passes, so he’s definitely better.

  • There’s a really good wrestler in Minnesota named after Dan Gable.

(that link doesn’t work I don’t know why, maybe it will be fixed by the time you’re reading this)

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