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#HelloJerry Mailbag: Is this real life?

But for real, is it?

Ohio State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

You know the rules by now... I’m going to ramble on about something in Iowa sports only to trick you into giving me questions for tomorrow’s mailbag. You can throw them in the comments section or send them directly to me on Twitter (@JerryScherwin) or use the hashtag #HelloJerry.

Ummmm... WHAT?



Alright, I’ll stop there before this turns into a JPinIC post, but dudes and dudettes, it’s Wednesday morning and I still can’t freaking believe we trounced Ohio State the way we did.

All day Saturday leading up to kickoff I talked myself into and out of multiple scenarios. Could Iowa win a 21-17 slug fest? Sure. Could they lose a 55-24 cry-yourself-to-sleep pantsing? It was probable after the Buckeyes performance against Penn State, right? Could Iowa lose on the last drive of the game like they have in so many other big moments before? Yup.

But winning 55-24 in which Iowa forced their hand in all three phases of the game? Picking off JT Barrett (who looked like he was going to push Baker Mayfield for the Hesiman a week before) four times; one of which went for a touchdown on the opening play of the game? Executing one of the best/funniest/awkward fake field goals on fourth down by completing a pass to the long snapper? Rolling out the Patriots offense that got athletic, basketball-playing tight ends matched up on linebackers and safeties that aren’t capable of covering them? Seeing Nate Stanley drop dimes while simultaneously throwing his hat into the “Greatest Iowa QB’s of All Time” debate? Winning a first half shootout with a team built to win shootouts?

I could’ve predicted 100 more ways that game could have gone before I got to any of that.

As I mentioned in The Pants Party Podcast this week, this might have been one of the best Iowa victories of my 10 years of being a fan.

As I mentioned in the SpoCo Radio podast I also host, I loved every single minute of that game and all the shenanigans that happened after in celebration (Starting multiple I-O-W-A chants in a Wisconsin bar in the middle of Chicago. Singing in Heaven There is No Beer while dancing around in a wedding circle. Pretending to defecate on Ohio State logos in other bars later that night.)

I’m sure you all did too. Especially those that had the luxury of being in Iowa City.

This is one I’m going to remember for a long time if only because, at least to me, it changes the outlook for the program’s future, the offense and hell, even Brian Ferentz finally telling his dad that he’s the captain now:


Just a quick note for my wrestling fans out there: If you love/loved the WWF/WWE/WCW/NWA/ECW you need to stop what you’re doing and go watch the 30 for 30 on Ric Flair ASAP. Even if that means you take six bathroom breaks today to watch 20-minutes at a time, it’ll be worth whatever ramifications that may come up.

You can thank me later.


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Love you all,