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The Pants Party: Iowa Football ends the season on a high note, Iowa Basketball struggles

And Tanner Lee is an NFL prospect, some say!

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NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Virginia Tech Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s episode of The Pants Party, we started off the show by reading some of our reviews from our loyal listeners, and oh boy, were they doozies. From being equated to Oscar the Grouch (not necessarily false!) to Jerry being told he has a cracked our personality, the reviews are rolling in and well, folks, we very much appreciate all your kind words. Feel free to try and one up the ones we had this week and next week, you could make an appearance on the podcast!

In terms of actual content, we hit on these topics in Episode 14:

  • Iowa football! Beating Nebraska feels so good (and maybe even better than beating Ohio State?)
  • Tanner Lee, the NFL prospect!
  • Is Akrum Wadley the most exciting Iowa running back ever?
  • DJK is BACK, baby.
  • Iowa basketball has been disappointing, but it might be too early to hit the panic button.

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