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The Pants Predicts: Week 10 Big Ten Conference Football Games

NCAA Football: Penn State at Ohio State Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Separation at the top! After dethroning JPinIC just a couple weeks ago, Jordan is now running away with the competition after a near perfect week of picks in Week 9. The biggest games of contention last week took place between OSU and PSU, and Purdue and Nebraska, but it was otherwise straight chalk from the majority of the staff.

This week, much is the same - with a weak slate of games, the majority of the staff is in agreement on predictions. The exceptions? Nebraska and Northwestern, and surprisingly enough, some of the staff are letting their homerism get the best of them. That’s right, a healthy amount of the staff is predicting Iowa to beat the Buckeyes for the first time in 13 years.

Here are the updated standings coming into the week:

Jordan Hansen: 64-13
Max Brekke: 61-16
JPinIC: 61-16
Rob Donaldson: 50-14
BoilerHawk: 59-18
MattCabel: 58-19
Hello Jerry: 58-19
JP Scott: 56-21
Ben Ross: 49-28

Now let’s get to it:

NCAA Football: Maryland at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

#4 Wisconsin at Indiana - 11am on ABC

Max: Wisconsin has gotten off to some pretty slow starts this season and I expect that trend to continue this week before Taylor puts them on his back. Wisconsin 34, Indiana 19.

JPinIC: Wisconsin and Indiana are on two trains traveling in the opposite direction right now. I guess in this metaphor they are set to collide on Saturday. If one is much bigger and moving much faster, what does that mean for the other? Wisconsin 45, Indiana 17

JP Scott: Wisci banged up. This will be interesting for a little while, but the Badger o-line will eventually take over. Wisconsin wins 27-13

Hello Jerry: I think Wisconsin is too dominant up front to let Indiana hang around. Badgers win again 24-13.

Ben: Remember when Wisconsin dropped 83 on Indiana? Good times.

Matt: 31-17, Wisconsin. I’m bad at picking these games now, but I’m certain about this one.

Jordan: Badgers have something to prove or something.

Rob: Wisconsin stays undefeated and does it pretty dominant fashion. Wisconsin 31, Indiana 13

BoilerHawk: Wisconsin

NCAA Football: Penn State at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

#7 Penn State at #24 Michigan State - 11am on FOX

Max: Both of these ranked teams lost last week, but I can imagine one will come out a lot angrier than the other. You know, the one with the Heisman candidate who averaged two yards per carry against Ohio State last weekend. Penn State 37, Michigan State 16.

JPinIC: Well, MSU came back down to earth last week. I guess PSU did as well. I think that probably just pisses them off. PSU 31, MSU 17

JP Scott: I wouldn’t want to play Penn State right now, especially since it’s basically only style points that can help them. PSU wins 41-10

Hello Jerry: I feel so bad for Sparty. They lose to Northwestern and then have to play a pissed of James Franklin and company. I’m not sure I can pick enough points in this. PSU 45-17.

Ben: I want Sparty, because college football isn’t supposed to make sense.

Matt: My friend John has a lot to say about this game:

“31-20, Penn State. Penn State starts fast for the third week in a row going up 14-0 in the first quarter. Game never really feels in jeopardy and PSU prevails on the back of a strong performance from Barkley. PSU also secures the worst looking rivalry trophy in the process. More poorly constructed than this "rivalry" is.

srsly look at this trophy

Jordan: Nittany Lions also have something to prove.

Rob: Personally, I’m of the opinion that the Spartans just aren’t that good and well, Penn State is. Nittany Lions roll in this one. Penn State 35, Michigan State 14

BoilerHawk: MSU!

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Illinois
Illinois has something to say to all you folks who think Iowa’s alternate uniform has too much gray.
Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Illinois at Purdue - 11am on BTN

Max: Oh buddy. I almost want to pick Illinois against a reeling Purdue team, but I’m smarter than that. The Boilermakers will get back on track against Lovie Smith and his team of children. Purdue 23, Illinois 6.

JPiniC: Purdue has dropped two straight to Big Ten bottom-dwellers. I don’t see it happening a third time. Purdue 45, Illinois 13

JP Scott: This game should be broadcasted in regular definition. Purdue wins 24-20

Hello Jerry: Purdue won me a lot of money to start the season and have cost me almost all of it the last few weeks. They get back on track this week, 30-13.

Ben: Purdue owes me money.

Matt: 34-20, Purdue. Nobody told me being a fair-weather Purdue fan would cause me so much anguish.

Purdue: The Boilermakers just might also have something to prove.

Rob: Unfortunately, the Boilermakers aren’t exactly who many thought they were. However, they’re still good enough to take care of the worst team in the Big Ten. Purdue 24, Illinois 21

BoilerHawk: CHOO CHOO

NCAA Football: Maryland at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

#3 Ohio State at Iowa - 2:30pm on ESPN

Max: Ah, yes. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Ohio State and Iowa in Kinnick for the first time since 2010! On The Pants Party, I said it’d be an ugly low scoring game or Ohio State would win in a blowout, and I picked Iowa to lose this one 35-10. Not enough consistency from the Hawkeyes on offense thus far to justify picking them against a team like OSU.

JPinIC: This goes one of two ways: path A leads to a result not unlike PSU, path B leads to a total beatdown for the Hawkeyes. I so want it to be path A, but I’ve seen this movie before. OSU 35, Iowa 17 on a late score.

JP Scott: TRAP GAME ALERT AT KINNICK! Gimme the Hawkeyes, 28-27

Hello Jerry: You would have to think that Ohio State is riding an emotional high and thinking they should be able to score all over an Iowa defense that gives up a ton of yards… but I’d beware. Iowa may give up yards, but they don’t let folks just waltz into the endzone like Penn State did in the fourth quarter. Ohio State wins this game, but Iowa is going to cover. 24-17.

Ben: Give me cold rain and the wind and low-scoring and the flu and the Hawkeyes.

Matt: 56-17, OSU. This won’t be close.

Jordan: Ohio State is going to make Iowa have something to prove next week.

Rob: As much as I’d love to see the Hawks keep it close I really don’t think it’s going to happen. Ohio State 41, Iowa 20

BoilerHawk: as I said on the podcast OSU 31 - Iowa 2

NCAA Football: Indiana at Maryland Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland at Rutgers - 2:30pm on BTN

Max: Maryland has the best third-string quarterback in the country. He’s probably better than Rutgers’ starting quarterback. Gimme the Terps. Maryland 27, rutger 17.

JPinIC: How great would it be if the loser of this got relegated to another conference? Maryland got things back on track last week and Rutgers was reminded of their rightful place in the conference. I think Maryland takes this one. Maryland 38, Rutgers 24

JP Scott: Rutgers can get to a bowl game by winning three of its last four. I think the Scarlet Knights are motivated. Rutgers wins 23-14

Hello Jerry: Will Rutgers and Maryland fans even watch this game? Rutgers 21-17.

Ben: The who’s playing what?

Matt: 32-10, Maryland. This Maryland team is SO CONFUSING.

Jordan: Dear god we’ve found it, a game where no one has anything to prove.

Rob: All I can say is count me out for this game. Rutgers 20, Maryland 17

BoilerHawk: Rutgers?

Ohio State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Northwestern at Nebraska - 2:30pm on BTN

Max: Northwestern is playing in a road atmosphere for the ninth consecutive game this season. That’s gotta wear on you at some point, right? The Wildcats come back down to earth after a high-scoring affair against Sparty. Nebraska 24, Northwestern 16.

JPinIC: Is Nebraska back? No. Is Northwestern back? Probably not. Someone will win. I think it’s the fightin’ Fitzgeralds. NU 42, Nebraska 24

JP Scott: Northwestern is just more physical. They’ll wear down the Huskers. Gimme the Wildcats, 27-21

Hello Jerry: Nebby kinda looked ok to me against Purdue. I think they get the job done against Northwestern. 24-21.

Ben: Nebraska wins, because again, college sports don’t make sense.

Matt: 21-17 Nebraska. I don’t have a damn clue anymore, folks. It’s a coin toss.

Jordan: Mike Riley has something to prove.

Rob: This is a game I’d rather not care about. Northwestern 24, Nebraska 20

BoilerHawk: Northwestern

Rutgers v Michigan Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Minnesota at Michigan - 6:30pm on FOX


JPinIC: Hawkeye fans got to see up close last week just how good that Minnesota offense is. It may be the only one from a team that is clsoe to mediocre that’s worse than Michigan’s. But wait! Michigan just might have a QB! Michigan 27, Minnesota 10

JP Scott: This could be a whole different Michigan team now that they appear to have an above average quarterback. Wolverines roll, 37-9

Hello Jerry: Michigan is so boring, but wont be undone by Minnesota who might be the worst offense I’ve watched this season. Wolverines win 24-13.

Ben: Michigan is going to win by 60

Matt: 42-10, Michigan. The Minnesota QB might be one of the worst I’ve ever seen. He legitimately cannot complete a pass. It almost makes me feel bad for him.

Jordan: I have something to prove. Minnesota.

Rob: As Hawkeye fans saw first hand last week, Minnesota’s offense is unbearably bad. The Wolverines take care of business as home. Michigan 28, Minnesota 13

BoilerHawk: Meeeechigan