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Wisconsin v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

1. Wisconsin

Oh Bucky, you sweet, bearded child. For the second year in a row Wisconsin finds itself in Indianapolis. This time, however, playoff implications are on the line. Wisconsin vs. tOSU is win-and-in for the Badge. Wisconsin blew a huge lead in this game to Penn State last year. I’m not so sure this current team will suffer such a fate.

2. Ohio State

JT Barrett said he’s confident he’ll play this weekend after suffering a dubious knee injury to a ... cameraman?

I have no reason to doubt Barrett. HOWEVER, remember the last time a backup quarterback was forced into playing late in the season in replacement of Barrett (and Braxton Miller) for Ohio State?

3. Penn State

Penn State has sort of fallen from grace after being the Big Ten darling at the start of the season. Can you in good conscience call a 10-win season a fall from grace? I don’t care I just did.

4. Michigan State

Did anyone predict this for a Michigan State team that won four games a year ago? This turnaround is one of the most underrated storylines in college football this year. Sparty has the chance at a 10-win season in the bowl game, which I think would solidify Mark Dantonio as one of the best in the land.

5. Northwestern

Did you know Northwestern is on a seven-game win streak? It’s true, look it up! Pat Fitzgerald is on the precipice of his third 10-win season ever.

And I hate it.

6. Michigan

I think Michigan’s mediocrity this year is just as surprising as Michigan State’s and Northwestern’s success. I truly believed Wilton Speight would flourish under Coach Khaki, but alas the two will now part ways for good. I’m surprised it’s taken so long for THE QUARTERBACK WHISPERER to find a signal-caller to whisper his sweet nothings to. I don’t think John O’Korn is that guy.

7. Iowa

Iowa. Number seven in a 14-team conference. We’ve seen this movie before.

8. Purdue


I’m really, really, REALLY scared about Jeff Brohm’s presence in West Lafayette. Can’t we just get Danny Hope back? PLEASE? He had a great Mustache.

Purdue v Notre Dame
Pictured: Sex on a stick

9. Minnesota

I dunno why I’m putting Minnesota here. Probably because I think if the Gophers had an actual quarterback they’d be good for two more wins this year. And yes, one of those wins probably would have been against Iowa.

10. Indiana

I think Jeff Brohm is going to cause a lot of headaches for the football program in Bloomington.

11-14. The Rest

Illinois, Nebraska, Rutgers and Maryland. Pick your poison.

In all fairness, Maryland would have likely compiled a decent season if it weren’t for some serious quarterback issues. I don’t see Illinois or Rutgers improving drastically anytime in the near future. And if Nebraska gets Scott Frost ... or dare I say MIKE LEACH?!?!

Hold on to your butts.