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Hello Jerry Mailbag: Josh Jackson, Bluder’s Bunch, Iowa State and Epcot

It’s Thursday. You’re ready for the weekend. That only means one thing. It’s Mailbag time.

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NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Stanford vs Iowa Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Hello Jerry: Suppose Josh Jackson has another stellar game locking down his half of the field against an Ohio State passing attack (that has gone for over 500-yards in their last six games) that gutted Penn State last weekend (I still can’t believe they came back to win that game), he’d HAVE to seriously consider taking the jump.

He’s already being “mocked” as a potential first round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft by Pro Football Focus for his 52.9% passer rating when targeted. He has 14 pass break ups (which leads the nation). He’s got the stereotypical size that NFL GM’s and scouts covet (and what ultimately hurt Des King). He’s SUPER aggressive and physical. And he’s been praised for his footwork and technique.

Look, football players have such a limited amount of time to collect their pay day. They are always one play away from it all being ripped away from them. After watching what happened to Zach Miller this weekend, I’m more sympathetic to these athletes than I ever have been. Do I want Jackson to stay? Of course I do. He’d be the clear captain of the defense on an Iowa team that I’m already expecting to be better than they have been this year (at least offensively). But I’d be lying if I said I would blink if I was in his shoes; especially if he continues his domination against Ohio State and Wisconsin.

If there’s a team that’s ready to pull the trigger on him in the back half of the first round, Jackson would be foolish not to go.

Sunday’s calling and he should answer the phone.

Q: #HelloJerry! I think I’m sufficiently pumped for Men’s Basketball. What do you feel about the Women’s team? Are they going to do awesome or super awesome this year?

— EnergizerHawk

Hello Jerry: Hey man, you’re talking to a former Gray Squad member. I practiced against Kamille Whalin, Morgan Johnson, Jaime Printy (SHARP SHOOTER), and Kachine Alexander among others every other day for an entire season. I love Lisa Bluder, Jan Jensen, Jenni Fitzgerald and Abby Stamp. They were awesome on the court and off. Hell, they even helped me out with one of our first Hawks Nest Meet and Greets:

I’m not sure if you mean’t this as a joke or not, but the one thing I wish I was able to do during my time on campus was push people to support this coaching staff and their players more. I realize it’s women’s college basketball, but Bluder’s Bunch deserves as much recognition as the men’s team. She’s been to the NCAA Tournament 11 times (including eight straight from 2007-2015 including a Sweet Sixteen birth) in her 17 seasons as head coach. She’s only missed a post season tournament ONCE and she’s playing for her 700th career win when Iowa opens their season.

That’s pretty damn impressive.

I’m expecting an uber awesome year for the Hawkeyes this season. They just missed the NCAA Tournament last year and despite some unexpected roster turnover (and the graduation of Iowa’s All-Time leading scorer in Ally Disterhoff) they get back Tania Davis which should solidify the starting lineup.

NCAA or Bust for this crew.

Yeah, you didn’t think you’d get women’s hoops talk in a mailbag, did ya?

Q: Thinking of attending a B1G BBall tourney. Is this the year?

— chuck longs mom

Hello Jerry: It all depends on what you want from your experience. Do you want to indulge in all the Garden and New York City has to offer while MAYBE seeing Iowa win a game? Then yes, this year is the year to go.

Do you want to see Iowa with their best odds at winning a game while staying close to home? Then you’ll probably want to start preparing your arrangements for 2019 or 2020 for Iowa’s Sweet Sixteen and Final Four runs (while having an awesome time in Chicago and Indy).

Q: Which will prove to be the bigger victory this year? Beating ISU in football or beating ISU in basketball?

— Close Shave America

Hello Jerry: I can’t believe I’m writing this... but with so few games on the schedule combined with the way in which Iowa won that game (Akrum Wadley had to throw on his cape to just get the Hawkeyes to OT), it’s beating (the now) #15 Iowa State, right?

The other night on my other, other podcast, my Iowa Alumni co-hosts and I had to openly discuss the possibilities of Iowa State making a playoff push. We ultimately decided that their second loss to Texas will probably hurt them, but it’s not crazy. Say some weird shit ends up happening (Alabama or Georgia lose to Auburn, Notre Dame gets beat by Miami just off the top of my head) while Iowa State wins out. That probably puts them in the Big 12 Championship game with say, a #4 ranked Oklahoma and all of a sudden they’re in business right?

What world is this?

I feel dirty... I’m going to go wash my eyes and mouth out with soap.

Q: Would you rather have Matt Campbell coaching Iowa State or Nebraska?

— Dave Creagh

Hello Jerry: This is an interesting question. I think I’d prefer Matt Campbell to stay with Iowa State for two reasons:

  1. Iowa will continue to play little brother early in the season. Early games in college football are toss ups (look at this season as a prime example). Say Campbell is the real deal, continues to land quality talent and pushes them to reach their ceilings. Would you rather play that coach/team duo right after training camp and before they have an actual identity or late in the season with a Big Ten West title on the line? I’ll take my chances within the first two games of the year.
  2. Iowa State being good is better for us than Nebraska being good since we will never, ever, ever schedule another Power-5 non-con opponent.

Q: If you had to cook and eat one college basketball writer for their repeated disrespect of Iowa, who would it be?

— Alltheiowanamesaretaken

Hello Jerry: We’ve finally made it to cannibalism. NICE!

The only answer to this question is Gary Parrish.


Hello Jerry: I’ve been sitting on this question for a few weeks because I knew that I would be going to Disney’s annual Food and Wine Festival this past weekend. I’m glad I did.

Each and every country and their delectable beverages and world class (but expensive) food options are fresh in my mind. Let’s Power Rank:

  1. Italy: Honestly, this was a toss up. But Italy just sticks out in my mind. For starters, they have Via Napoli’s which, if what my waiter said was true, import’s their water from Italy to make the pizza dough. On top of that, Tutto Italia has a bomb charcutterie tray where you get freshly cut prosciutto (PRO-SHOOT!).
  2. France: Grey Goose slushies, champagne, eclairs, ice cream, sorbert, and crepes (minus the pipe).
  3. Mexico: TWO WORDS: TEQUILA BAR. I mean this when I say that Mexico is the Thirsty Thursday of Epcot’s World Showcase. People lose their MINDS in that corner. And the later in the day you go there, the more lively it gets. The best part is, you can either sit down inside the little bungalow and get some chips and salsa with your Tequila Flights/margarita or go through their express line, rip a few shots and be on your way to ride the Three Caballeros (underrated). As the kids would say, it’s LIT inside that Yucatan jungle pyramid.
  4. UK: I don’t even know what else is in the UK but it really doesn’t matter. When you have the Rose and Crown everything else is just a bonus. Fish and chips, bangers and mash, Magners, Innis & Gunn, Black and Tans (Harp & Guinness) and Snakebite’s. It’s all there. Plus they usually have someone playing typical pub music on a piano THAT GETS THE PEOPLE GOING.
  5. America: Elephant ears, IPA’s and Turkey legs. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Q: Did you watch This Is Us or the World Series this week?

— mattcabel

Hello Jerry: I watched both (with some Bulls mixed in). One was exciting as hell, one made me have hope for the future and one was nothing more than filler.

I’ll let you all figure out which is which.