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The Pants Predicts: Week 12 Big Ten Conference Football

It’s Wisconsin’s conference to lose, right?

Iowa v Wisconsin Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Something about Iowa having a bad week and our picks following suit. Something about this week’s schedule, which is incredibly bad. Seriously, the only games where people seriously picked different teams were Michigan vs. Wisconsin and Indiana vs. Rutgers. The slate is that bad. Pls send help.

Updated standings heading into the week:

BoilerHawk: 72-19
Jordan Hansen: 71-20
JPinIC: 71-20
Max Brekke: 70-21
Rob Donaldson: 60-18
Hello Jerry: 66-25
JP Scott: 66-25
MattCabel: 66-25
Ben Ross: 59-32

Indiana v Illinois Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Rutgers at Indiana

Max: My Hoosiers get it done this week against my rutger.

BoilerHawk: These teams are playing for a bowl game! Indiana gets the edge with the home crowd. Indiana 31 - Rutger 27

JP Scott: I think Chris Ash has his team motivated. I like Rutgers’ rushing attack to be the difference. Scarlet Knights, 23-20

Ben: Does Indiana have a quarterback?

Matt: 24-17, Indiana. Indiana would be a contender in the Big Ten West.

JPinIC: I feel like Rutgers is headed in the right direction, but I’m taking the home team here. Indiana 27, Rutgers 24.

Hello Jerry: I think I’m siding with the visiting team in this one. Rutgers 24-20.

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Minnesota at #23 Northwestern

Max: My Wildcats get it done this week against my Gophers.

BoilerHawk: Minnesota is shot their wad like Iowa did against OSU. Northwestern 31 - Minnesota 10

JP Scott: Nothing in the Big Ten makes sense. Minnesota 34-21

Ben: JP Scott makes a great point, but this is the kind of season where Pat Fitzgerald gets himself an extension at jNW.

Matt: 21-10, jNW. How to talk to your kids about a ranked Northwestern football team: my column

JPinIC: I picked against NW last week. That’s the last time I do that (that is a lie). NW 31, Minny 17.

Hello Jerry: I flipped a coin a la GospelofMax and it landed on heads. Heads was PJ Fleck. So Gophers row their boat to Chicago and get the win Iowa couldn’t, 21-17.

Minnesota v Michigan Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

#24 Michigan at #5 Wisconsin

Max: Jabrill Peppers will not be enough for my Wolverines this week against my Badgers.

BoilerHawk: GO BLUE. Michigan 19 - Wisconsin 16

JP Scott: Brandon Peters cracks the code to Wisci’s defense. Michigan 27-20

Ben: I’m picking Michigan for the same reason JP Scott picked Minnesota.

Matt: 24-21 Michigan. Michigan coming up big late in the season.

JPinIC: Wisconsin beat Iowa to make us all feel bad about life. The only logical thing to happen now is for Wisconsin to look like absolute garbage against Michigan and everyone to bash the Big Ten. Michigan 17, Wisconsin 14.

Hello Jerry: I hated the entire state of Wisconsin last weekend. They lit me up. With that said, I really enjoy this Badgers team (and have all year). Give me the Fighting Hornibrooks, 31-21.

Purdue v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Purdue at Iowa

Max: My Hawkeyes get it done this week, besting my Boilermakers.

BoilerHawk: I’ll be at this game wearing nothing Purdue-related. HAWKEYE STARTER JACKET WOOOOO. The Hawkeye offense shows just enough and pulls out the win. Iowa 23 - Purdue 20

JP Scott: Big game from Noah Fant after being all but ignored last week. Iowa wins 33-13

Ben: If Iowa loses we’re becoming a purdue blog. That’s in our contract.

Matt: 17-14, Iowa. Having less than 100 yards of offense is bad.

JPinIC: I’m taking the over on 66 yards of offense this week. I’ll take the under on 2 pick-sixes, but I don’t know that they’re needed. Iowa 27, Purdue 24

Hello Jerry: Iowa… BIG. 21-17. ;)

Michigan State v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Illinois at #9 Ohio State

Max: My Buckeyes get it done this week against my Illini.

BoilerHawk: hahahahahahaha Ohio State still has a chance at the playoff. @ me. OSU 56 - Illinois 7

JP Scott: This game isn’t really gonna happen, is it? Buckeyes 63-0

Ben: Welcome to the Thunderdome, Lovie Smith.

Matt: 100-0, OSU. I’m going to start a petition for the BHGP staff to make the Illinois football roster. We’d probably be an improvement.

JPinIC: At 41 points, I’ve heard this touted as the largest spread between two Big Ten opponents in history. And I think OSU covers, SMH. OSU 66, Illinois 6.

Hello Jerry: Is Lovie Smith in the Jim Caldwell zone? There is not spread big enough for this game. Buckeyes 55-9.

Michigan State v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Maryland at #17 Michigan State

Max: My Spartans beat my Terps this week.

BoilerHawk: Michigan State 30 - Maryland 17

JP Scott: Brian Lewerke bounces back. Spartans 33-9.

Ben: Sometimes when I go for long walks in the summer, complete strangers will ask me if I want to come inside to get out of the sun for awhile. In this poorly constructed allegory, Maryland is me. Or something.

Matt: My friend John is very confident in Sparty! “MSU comes back after getting absolutely smacked around by OSU and should be able to beat Maryland. Especially considering there’s a >80% chance rain around kick off. It’s not pretty, it is boring, but it is a victory for the Spartans. 24-10.

JPinIC: I still think MSU isn’t that good. I still think Maryland doesn’t have a QB. MSU 31, Maryland 17

Hello Jerry: Poor Maryland. They’re going to be walking into a pissed off buzzsaw. Sparty 33-12.

Rutgers v Penn State Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Nebraska at #10 Penn State

Max: My Nittany Lions will murder Nebraska and it will make me proud.

BoilerHawk: I’ll never forget these two years where Nebraska went ALL IN on recruiting guys to the coldest climate they’ve ever experienced and played a brand of football explicitly unfavorable for the weather. Penn State 63 - Nebraska 0

JP Scott: I’ve got a lot of ground to make up, and this is how you do it. Huskers shock the world, 30-27.

Ben: Does Nebraska keep Mike Riley if they win?

Matt: 56-17, Penn State. Someone tell the Penn State Sports Information office to stop emailing me about Saquon Barkley for Heisman.

JPinIC: I don’t know that Nebraska gets a single defensive stop in this game. PSU 56, Nebby 24

Hello Jerry: Answer: NO! Penn State goes wild at home, 49-15.