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The Pants Party: The Northwestern Snoozer and Pig Week

Candy Corn, the Northwestern Debacle and Pig Week!

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Iowa v Northwestern Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Before I even get into what topics we covered in this weeks Pants Party, I think it is ABSOLUTELY necessary that we add in the following poll question:


Is Candy Corn good?

This poll is closed

  • 39%
    (77 votes)
  • 60%
    That’s a no for me dog
    (119 votes)
196 votes total Vote Now

If you haven’t clicked play yet, you’re probably wondering WHY I ask this? Well, my co-host and your co-site runner Gospel of Max LOVES Candy Corn AKA Chicken Feed AKA the worst Halloween candy of all Halloween candies.

Personally, I’d rather eat nothing but Bottle Caps and Circus Peanuts for the rest of my life than have a handful of Candy Corn and it’s not even close.

His take on how much he enjoys a universally hated Halloween candy jarred me to my core (you can even hear it in my voice). It almost made me shut down the podcast all together.

This week we have Jordan Hansen on the pod to talk about the Northwestern debacle.

Topics include: Is the offense THAT bad? Why does Kirk Ferentz stink with more time to prep? What’s up with the offensive play calling? Is the offensive line to blame for a majority of these problems? Can Kirk Ferentz let a guy live? Is it time to start getting the younger players some more time to shine on film? And can Nate Stanley throw anything besides a fast ball?

From there we throw out some hot takes in the Punt or Go For It segment, discuss the Minnesota game and go over why we’re excited that basketball season is finally here!

Now, before I link dump, I have to ask you all for a favor. If you have any segment ideas, Punt or Go For It questions of your own, or any sort of comments about the show or what you’d like to hear moving forward, Tweet them to us (BHGP, Hello Jerry, Gospel of Max) or throw them in the “reviews” section of our podcast on iTunes (Subscribe and rate now!).

We want to make the best damn Iowa show we can for you all, because you deserve it.

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