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Hello Jerry Mailbag Time!


NCAA Football: Iowa at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

You know the rules by now... I’m going to ramble on about something in Iowa sports only to trick you into giving me questions for tomorrow’s mailbag. You can throw them in the comments section or send them directly to me on Twitter (@JerryScherwin) or use the hashtag #HelloJerry.

I don’t know about you, but I fully support Bo Bower’s notion to make the Floyd of Rosedale game LIT again:

“How cool would it be to be playing for a live hog? It would be pretty sweet, having it in the weight room all week, having it down there on sideline for the winning team to claim after the game,’’ Bower said. “That would be awesome.’’

Bower acknowledged the sidelines at Kinnick Stadium might be a little tight for livestock but still likes the thought of players from the winning team in Saturday’s 5:30 p.m. game trying to chase down a live hog and then celebrating with it following the game.

“Could be a lot of fun,’’ Bower said.


Try WOULD BE a lot of fun. There is only so much more I can handle this season. But, do you know how you make everyone forget that this trophy game is being played between two 1-3 Big Ten football teams that have no shot of making it to Indianapolis already?

Put a live pig on the line.

Listen, nostalgia sells. Look at Netflix and any movie being released from June-August. Remakes and running IP’s back is IN. Why not run back 1935? Hell, P.J. Fleck already dresses like hes auditioning for The Duece. He would probably welcome the opportunity to be elite and coach in a top hat and wool three piece suit:

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Can you imagine how great it would be when right before the Fox Sports crew went to commercial, they panned to that grassy patch in the South end zone and there was Goldy and Herky fake fighting around an actual pig pen with livestock in it?

What offensive woes? Who cares that it’s 9-3 with 10 minutes left in the game? There is a live effing pig RIGHT over there and one of these teams is going to get the opportunity to figure out what exactly to do with it when its over (there’s no way it makes it to a dinner table anymore).

The fun from there would be endless.

Say Iowa wins. Imagine the content Chris Ruth would have at his disposal? Maybe Bower decides he’s going to walk Floyd around campus. Or maybe Nathan Bazata brings him to his apartment as a house pet. OR, what if they do a special campaign where they put the pig snapchat filter on Iowa players posing with Floyd?

Or maybe Nathan Stanley brings him to the park to throw him some touch passes to...

Actually, come to think of it, Nate Stanley needs to rescue a dog ASAP.


Send in your questions NOW! You can hit me up in the comments section of this post. You can leave them on the BHGP Facebook comment section of this post. You can hit me up @JerryScherwin on Twitter or use the hashtag #HelloJerry with your question.

For those that care, I think Jerry Blevins know’s he’s not THE #HelloJerry anymore. He’s barely #HeyJerry. He hasn’t asked for or answered any questions in a long, long time. Just goes to show how dedicated I am to the cause of providing answers to questions posed by fans/readers and how much he doesn’t care. #HelloJerry has always deserved more than his “long bus ride boredom”.

For those without Twitter and Facebook and still have an AOL account, you can email them to at

We’ll be running these on Thursday so get ‘em in folks.

Love you all,