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The Pants Predicts: Week 8 Big Ten Conference Football

NCAA Football: Michigan at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone. Welcome to another week of college football.

After he took the lone lead last week, Matt Cabel went bold, and paid for it. Here are the updated standings coming into the week - we now have a three-way tie at the top.

Matt Cabel: 53-11
JPinIC: 53-11
Jordan Hansen: 53-11
Max Brekke: 52-12
Rob Donaldson: 42-9
BoilerHawk: 51-13
Hello Jerry: 50-14
JP Scott: 49-15
Ben Ross: 44-20

NCAA Football: Purdue at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland at #5 Wisconsin - 11am on FOX

Max: I like Wisconsin to cover this one. They’re really good at football, and in case you haven’t heard, don’t play anyone of consequence this season. They’re basically the 2015 Hawkeyes of 2017 Wisconsin teams. Wisconsin 39, Maryland 13.

Matt: 32-17, Wisconsin. I’m all in on a Big Ten Championship rematch this year, and I think the Badgers are, too.

Jordan: I think Wisconsin wins this game and Maryland does not.

JPinIC: Wisconsin continues to shows chinks in the armor, but Maryland’s QB troubles are really catching up to them. Wisconsin 27, Maryland 10

BoilerHawk: Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Wisconsin. They’re really playing with fire in a way which reminds me of the 2015 Hawkeyes - games which are kinda close but also kinda not. Maryland doesn’t have enough to keep the Badge from taking this one, especially at home. Wisconsin 35 - Maryland 14

Ben Ross: Word on the street is Maryland is holding open tryouts for quarterback before the game in Madison. BADGER FANS: this is your chance to stuff yourself with Hamms and try slingin’ the ol’ pigskin around against your own team!

JP Scott: Taylor tops 200 yards again. Badgers 40-14

Hello Jerry: I like Wisconsin to win this game. I don’t like Wisconsin to cover -24.5. Badgers 30-13.

Rob Donaldson: This game will get out of hand very quickly. Wisconsin 45, Maryland 7.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa at Northwestern - 11am on ESPN2

Max: I think this is definitely going to be a low-scoring affair, but that Iowa is able to pull it out. I’m not sure the Hawks will be able to establish a ground game, but Northwestern has been horribly turnover prone in 2017 and I think Iowa can capitalize on that. Iowa 20, Northwestern 13.

Matt: 31-21, Iowa. If the Iowa defensive line plays like they’re capable against a bad jNW offensive line, should be a cakewalk. We’ll see. Regardless, Iowa wins.

Jordan: Iowa is 2-7 on the road following a bye under Kirk Ferentz. Give me Northwestern.

JPinIC: This game is going to tell us a lot about how the rest of the season plays out in my opinion. I’m choosing to be an optimist until 11:01 Saturday. You can catch the pessimist side on the Twitters. Iowa 34, Northwestern 24

BoilerHawk: I’ve hated this matchup ever since I can remember. I was at the Herb Grigsby Game in Evanston. It was cold and Albert Young had like the most rushing yards in a loss and it was because Grigsby really messed it up. I hate that. Northwestern 20 - Iowa 15

Ben: If Iowa loses I’m going to eat three Jack’s pizzas in a lukewarm bathtub.

JP Scott: Old school Big Ten slugfest. Iowa 20-17

Hello Jerry: My wife is in Des Moines visiting her friends from her time at Iowa. Therefore, I hope Iowa kicks off my gambling, drinking and cigar smoking Saturday with buddies off correctly. Hawkeyes 27, Northwestern 17

Rob Donaldson: This isn't one of the better Northwestern teams that the Hawks have faced in recent years. With that said, this will most likely still be a physical, close game. Iowa 27, Northwestern 24.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Illinois Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue at Rutgers - 11am on BTN

Max: Why is everyone still doing this “we love Purdue” thing? Purdue 37, rutger 12.

Matt: 34-24, Purdue. Boiler up!

Jordan: You know I’m picking rutger

JPinIC: Did you guys see Rutgers won a game last week? Never again. Purdue 41, Rutgers 17

BoilerHawk: I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Purdue. You had a chance to tie that game and I didn’t think you’d keep it that close. Kudos. If they’re able to match the effort from last week’s game, this will be a landslide. Purdue 31 - rutger 14


JP Scott: Purdue is a good example of how a great coaching hire changes everything. Boilermaker 34-7

Hello Jerry: Purdue is SCREAMING to be teased with Iowa. You’re welcome America. Purdue lots of points, Rutgers no many points.

Rob Donaldson: Boiler up! Purdue 38, Rutgers 17.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana at #18 Michigan State - 2:30pm on ABC

Max: Michigan State is the team that Iowa wants to be this season - they’re winning and they’re winning ugly as hell. They continue the trend against Indiana. Michigan State 17, Indiana 13.

Jordan: I think Indiana’s success last week was more indicative of how trash Michigan is than how decent Indiana is. Sparty.

Matt: My friend JB gets mad that I never let her make a prediction. So I did this week, because she went to grad school at MSU and now works at Indiana. All she had to say was: “I think MSU will win.”

JPinIC: I am still not on the MSU bandwagon, but I don’t think Indiana gets it done. I’m probably wrong. MSU 24, Indiana 20

BoilerHawk: I mean, I hate Dantonio as much as the next guy but they’re playing pretty well right now. Michigan State 28 - Indiana 14

Ben: LJ Scott is driving the bus to the game this week.

JP Scott: Sparty can’t not win ugly. Michigan State 19-17

Hello Jerry: Michigan State is actually impressive. They figure out a way to make Indiana hate playing football. Sparty 20-13

Rob Donaldson: How good is this Michigan State team actually? I think most people are still trying to figure that out. With that said, in typical Big Ten fashion, I imagine this will end up being a close game. Michigan State 20, Indiana 17.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Illinois at Minnesota - 2:30pm on BTN

Max: Illinois is the best medicine for any team. Ask rutger! Give me the Gophers. Minnesota 31, Illinois 6.

Jordan: Minnesota. Here’s a question that should have been in the mailbag — Will Lovie ever have a winning season at Illinois?

Matt: 42-7, Minnesota. How in the world do you lose to Rutgers? What does the fact that Rutgers crushed Illinois mean for Iowa?

JPinIC: Minnesota is not great, but Illinois is barely a football team. Minnesota 35, Illinois 17

BoilerHawk: Before this season started I predicted Illinois would win a conference football game. THIS IS THAT GAME. C’MON LOVIE I BELIEVE IN YOU Illinois 9 - Minnesota 6

Ben: Give me Lovie Smith over PJ Fleck. RIGHT INTO MY VEINS

JP Scott: Minnesota has some fight in them. Gopher 28-13

Hello Jerry: Illinois is so bad… I don’t know how they stayed with Iowa for as long as they did. Give me those funky boat rowers and their 1980’s offense.

Rob Donaldson: P.J. Fleck and the Gophers have really disappointed me this season. With that said, they'll take care of business against the worst team in the Big Ten. Minnesota 31, Illinois 21.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Northwestern Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

#19 Michigan at #2 Penn State - 6:30pm on ABC

Max: Michigan might not be all that good of a football team and Penn State is just humming along after their near-disaster in Kinnick. I think the Nittany Lions are able to limit Jabrill Peppers’ playmaking ability in this one and he only records four tackles. Penn State 34, Michigan 14.

Jordan: It’s laughable to even consider Michigan in this game.

Matt: 24-21, Michigan. GIVE ME THE WOLVERINES! The defense should be able to limit Saquon Barkley. Here’s a hint for you, Jim Harbaugh: watch the Iowa tape.

JPinIC: I think we see PSU struggle a bit here, but Michigan is pretty atrocious offensively. I’ll stick with the Nittany Lions in this one. PSU 22, Michigan 19

BoilerHawk: Harbaugh is going to roll out Iowa’s game plan. The difference between Iowa and Michigan are two-fold: 1) Iowa has the veterans to execute what they implemented and 2) Michigan’s athletes can cover up executional deficiencies. I think they minimize those deficiencies and constrict Penn State’s offense enough. Michigan 20 - Penn State 17

Ben: Michigan in a nailbiter don’t @ me

JP Scott: Penn State rolls, 31-6

Hello Jerry: !!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to watch Jim Harbaugh melt away in anger as Penn State puts the Wolverines in their place. Penn State 27-17.

Rob Donaldson: As much as I want to take Michigan here in an upset, I just can't bet against this Nittany Lions team, at home, at night. Penn State 31, Michigan 28.