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Hello Jerry Mailbag: Come With Me Now

Come with me now, to the land of the mailbag

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Before I get to my usual solicitation begging for your questions, comments and theories (of which I apparently “overshare” on...), I wanted to make sure that all of you saw this very important highlight video:

I’m not sure if we’ve ever given a shout out to Charlie Rose before on this site, but the clip that the media crew threw in (:25 second mark) of him counting three’s has made me laugh the seven times I've watched this clip. Classic end of bench clip showing some personality from a guy that is otherwise nameless unless Iowa blow’s out one of their non-con opponents (I still remember your first shot, a made 3-pointer against North Dakota State, buddy!).

With the season I’m expecting from the Franimal House, I really hope that he, Riley Till, Austin Ash and Maishe Dailey can come up with some more bench reaction highlights that could rival the G.O.A.T:

I don’t know how you beat Human Scissors or the Gives Me Life, but I hope Rose and Co. takes a crack at it. Why not? I mean, if they do it right and pick their spots (don’t get overzealous when McCaffery has a giant red flare in his eye and cheekbones) an active bench makes for an even better season.

Plus, Rose is a senior. Let’s go out in style, my dude.

Hell, it might even make the old donors that get ALL the good seats at CHA react a little bit! It’s a win/win.

We support you Charlie. Let’s make Iowa’s bench get the same national exposure the entire team is going to get.

Per usual, you can hit me up in the comments section of this post, leave them in the BHGP Facebook comment section, hit me up @JerryScherwin on Twitter or just send out a general Tweet using the hashtag #HelloJerry so we can shut down Jerry Blevins who was 1000% the USMNT jinx:

#HEYJERRY, I have a question: How do you feel about the USMNT being 0-1 in games against a lower tier opponent AND 0-1 for making the World Cup after a direct Tweet from you?

For those without Twitter and Facebook and still have an AOL account, you can email them to me as well (

We’ll be running these on Thursday so get ‘em in folks.

Love you all,