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The Pants Predicts: Week 7 Big Ten Conference Football

Iowa doesn’t play this week, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

WE HAVE A NEW STANDINGS LEADER THIS WEEK. Matt was able to overtake JPinIC, who’s had a stranglehold on the top spot since we began predicting games in Week 1 of the season. The game that put him ahead? He picked Michigan State to knock off Michigan in Ann Arbor. Hoo-boy.

This week doesn’t feature an Iowa game, but that doesn’t mean that the Saturday slate isn’t delicious. I mean, we have Ohio State taking on Nebraska, which should be a fun bloodbath to watch, as well as the much anticipated bout between heavyweights Rutgers and Illinois. Personally, I can’t wait to see those two duke it out at 11am.

Here are the updated standings coming into the week:

Matt Cabel: 50-8
JPinIC: 49-9
Jordan Hansen: 48-10
Max Brekke: 48-10
Rob Donaldson: 36-9
BoilerHawk: 46-12
Hello Jerry: 45-13
JP Scott: 44-14
Ben Ross: 39-19

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

#17 Michigan at Indiana - 11am, ABC

Max: After losing a tough one against their in-state rivals, Jabrill Peppers is going to put the Wolverines on his back and rack up 200 total yards and an interception. Michigan 26, Indiana 22.

Matt: 21-20, INDIANA. I’m shooting my shot on this one. Michigan is not that good.

BoilerHawk: I’LL NEVER QUIT YOU JIM HARBAUGH. 28-14 Michigan

JPinIC: I’m not a believer in Michigan, they’re a year away. But I also think Indiana is very average. This one might be closer than anyone would’ve imagined at the beginning of the year. Michigan 27, Indiana 24

JP Scott: As good as Michigan’s D is, I don’t know that they can hold the Hoosiers to fewer points than what the Wolverine offense scores. Indiana 24-17

Hello Jerry: Michigan is not a fun football team to watch. I hope they lose. I hope Harbaugh burns his bridges and I hope he wants to take another crack at the NFL JUST in time for the Bears opening (a guy can dream). With that said, Michigan’s D gets the job done in a close one. 24-20.

Ben: The problem here rests on the arm of whoever Indiana trots out at QB. And quarterback woes really isn’t a problem you want to deal with when taking on this Michigan team.

Rob Donaldson: This should be a bounce back week for the Wolverines. Michigan 31, Indiana 14.

Jordan: Michigan hoses the Hoosiers.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers at Illinois - 11am, BTN

Max: You know what? These people who say they’re not going to watch this game are stupid as hell. I can’t wait. illinoi 23, rutger 12.

Matt: 7-3, Illinois. Jim Delaney, do the right thing and cancel this game. In all seriousness, Illinois is bad but they’re definitely better than Rutgers, I think idk

BoilerHawk: 20-17 rutger wins but we’re all losers for this game’s existence.

JPinIC: Yuck. Illinois 24, Rutgers 20

JP Scott: Rutgers takes the Illini 3-2. Field goal and a safety. Book it.

Hello Jerry: I’m not watching this. The Fighting Jeff George’s, 21-17

Rob Donaldson: You couldn't pay me to watch this game… Rutgers 21, Illinois 20.

Ben: Hurl this game into the sun and crown Illinois kings of the moon when they beat Rutgers on a galactic technicality.

Jordan: Give me Illinois. They really played Iowa well in Kinnick for three quarters last week and are maybe a better team than they seem.

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue at #7 Wisconsin - 2:30pm, BTN

Max: I hate Purdue. I always have. Everyone else at BHGP is a damn WAFFLER. Wisconsin 99, OMHR -544449585949404039358504.

Matt: 31-27, Wisconsin. Badgers prevail but this game is going to be ELECTRIC.

BoilerHawk: Purdue is like a 2.5 quarter team so I’ll go 31-14 Wisconsin, which is right at the line.

JPinIC: I really wish this one wasn’t tucked away on BTN for nobody to see. It should be a good one. I’ll take Wisconsin 31, Purdue 28

JP Scott: Wisconsin just lets teams think they can hang, but they’re in control the whole time. Badgers win 28-24

Hello Jerry: I’ll ride with BoilerHawk. With that said I think it’s a little bit closer. 31-20, Bucky.

Ben: Purdue won’t win because we can’t have nice things, but they can cover! Which is actually just as good.

Rob Donaldson: I'm pulling for the Boilermakers, but the Badgers will take care of business. Wisconsin 35, Purdue 27.

Jordan: Wisconsin is going to win this game and it’s not going to be all that close. Sorry guys.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern at Maryland - 2:30pm, ESPN2

Max: The picture used above was just about the only one that USA Today had of them from their game against Ohio State. That guy got laid the hell out, dang. Maryland 17, Northwestern 6.

Matt: 21-17, Maryland. I don’t have a clue.

BoilerHawk: 28-21 Maryland

JPinIC: I could really go either way here. A few weeks ago I would’ve said NW no question, but Maryland doesn’t seem dazed by their QB issue and NW isn’t who we thought. It’s in Maryland so I’ll take them 27-24

JP Scott: Northwestern’s secondary is gonna be too much. I like the Wildcats 21-13.

Hello Jerry: Northwestern has a pretty solid defense through the first half of the season. I like them to muck this one up. Wildcats 17-13.

Ben: Northwestern, simply because it has a competent quarterback gives it a huge advantage over the Terps.

Rob Donaldson: I still can't figure out the Terps and Northwestern is not a good team. I think the Wildcats edge this one out. Northwestern 28, Maryland 24.

Jordan: Maryland’s on its 230925 string quarterback. Give me the the ‘Cats.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

#9 Ohio State at Nebraska - 6:30pm, FS1

Max: Ohio State? More like GO-HIO STATE. Buckeyes 43, Nebraska 17.

Matt: 56-10, OSU. I’m setting the over/under of Tanner Lee pick sixes in this game at 4.

JPinIC: OSU May score a million here. Buckeyes 52, Nebby 17

JP Scott: The Huskers are shut out for the first time since 1996. Buckeyes win 40-0.

Hello Jerry: Oh man. There’s going to be a lot of flashes of red and white and that’s going to confuse Tanner Lee. Ohio State big, 48-20

Ben: I like the way JP Scott thinks.

Rob Donaldson: The Buckeyes should steamroll Nebraska. Ohio State 45, Nebraska 21.

BoilerHawk: Does the Memorial Stadium scoreboard go to 3 digits? On the visitor’s side? There is a slim slim slim chance Nebraska pulls off a victory like Iowa I’ve Michigan last year but nah. Ohio State 49 - Nebraska 21

Jordan: Ohio State is on the warpath and they’re laying waste to entire cities in their wake.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

#21 Michigan State at Minnesota - 7pm, BTN

Max: Michigan State turned out to be pretty good huh? Who’d have thought? Michigan State 21, Minnesota 10.

Matt: 30-14, MSU. My friend John knows nothing about Minnesota, but he’s a homer and he made the right pick last week with Sparty, so I trust him when he says: “This one is never in doubt. Offense looks to establish Madre London more as the running back in spite of LJ Scott on the bench.”

Here’s my thought: if PJ Fleck starts 0-3 in Big Ten play, is he on the hot seat? I know the answer is no, but it’s still funny to imagine.

JPinIC: Has everyone else finally figured out Minnesota isn’t good? MSU 31, Minnesota 13

JP Scott: The Gophers are too reliant on the run game and Brian Lewerke is the most underrated quarterback in the conference. Sparty wins it 24-10.

Hello Jerry: Two hard nosed defenses smashing into pedestrian offenses. At least one of those offenses has Brian Lewerke who I am slowly falling for. Sparty 20-17.

Ben: #TowTheBoat

Rob Donaldson: Sparty has made quite the comeback this season and the Gophers have really disappointed. Michigan State 24, Minnesota 14.

BoilerHawk: There’s a guy in my office who is already being worn thin by PJ Fleck’s schtick. MSU 28 - Minnesota 9

Jordan: Michigan State remembered how to play football. That’s a dangerous thing.