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Hello Jerry Mailbag: Ain’t No Lie, Baby; Bye, Bye, Bye

I need your questions like Spears needed Timberlake.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends.

It’s your buddy, Hello Jerry, coming at you LIVE from Ocala, FL. As I drive up and down I-75 for my day job, I couldn’t help myself but ask of you all, the best damn college football fans on BOTH sides of the Mississippi to send in your mailbag questions for tomorrows column.

I know its the bye week, but that doesn’t mean or most pressing comments, questions, concerns, bar etiquette, This Is Us thoughts and/or ghost conspiracy theories are sitting around playing NBA2k and recovering from the rigors of our minds.

I forgot how great the puppet theme of this video was. It’s honestly almost as good as JT’s frosted tipped fro.

I am so committed to you all that I’m writing all of this on my iPhone as I do my best to shy away from any and all Gator and Seminole fans (They’re both the worst. UCF fans on the other hand are like that one cousin you party with on Thanksgiving weekend that makes you wonder why you don’t do more things together but real life [football] always gets in the way.).

That’s love people! Real honest to goodness love. That doesn’t just grow on trees.

Now, if you want to return the love, you can hit me up in the comments section of this post. You can leave them on the BHGP Facebook comment section of this post. You can hit me up @JerryScherwin on Twitter or use the hashtag #HelloJerry with your question.

In fact, I BEG OF YOU ALL TO KEEP DOING THIS! I think we’re starting to take over Jerry Blevins owning the hashtag “#HelloJerry” and that alone is the best gift you all could give me.

For those without Twitter and Facebook and still have an AOL account (RIP AIM), you can email them to me as well (

We’ll be running these on Thursday so get ‘em in folks.

Love you all,