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Christmas comes late for Hawkeye fans

Penn State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Iowa sports information dropped a bombshell on all of us Friday afternoon—the classic news dump day—and announced Greg Davis is retiring, effective immediately.

From sports information:

“I have had a wonderful five years with the Hawkeye football program. I would like to thank coach Ferentz, the entire staff, our players, and Iowa fans everywhere,” said Davis. “Patsy and I have enjoyed our time in Iowa, and not just the football part of it. The people of Iowa City and Hawkeye fans have been great. While we have our home in Dallas, there is no doubt we will be Hawkeye fans forever.

“This is my decision, but not a decision that was reached lightly. I remain passionate about the game of football, and enjoyed teaching football to our players every day. Patsy has been a trooper through all these years; we have learned and enjoyed every step along the way. It’s time for me to get closer to our family.

“I’m not sure the people of Iowa realize how special Kirk Ferentz is, and I am not talking about just the football part of the equation,” said Davis. “The men who leave this program are prepared for life, for careers, to be great husbands and fathers. Kirk is the total package for what anyone would want in a head coach.”

Davis was the coordinator at Iowa for the past five years, where his tenure was marked with... some animosity. His offense peaked in 2015, where the Hawkeyes averaged just under 31 points a game.

The calls for Davis’ head were the loudest at the conclusion of this season, where Iowa scored just 3 points in the Outback Bowl against Florida. Davis took a lot of heat for Iowa’s offensive performance (or lack thereof) in bowl games, where the Hawkeyes scored just 51 points in 4 games, with a lot of those points coming in garbage time of the Hawkslayer and Rose bowl.

The writing was on the wall for Davis, who at 63 years old, has been in football (coaching for 43 years) for about 23 of his life. He has five grandchildren, and a long, happy retirement in front of him.

Well, Iowa fans got their wish. The release mentions no replacement. Realistically, who would you like to see installed as his successor?

It doesn’t matter. It’s going to be Brian Ferentz, isn’t it?