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Hawkeye Wrestling Does a Weekend in Michigan: Your Primer

Iowa gets Michigan Friday and Michigan State Sunday

Cory Clark Rutgers Rachel Jessen Rachel Jessen

We’re officially in the swing of wrestling season, friends. Following a strong performance at the Midlands last weekend, the Hawkeyes are headed to Great Lakes State (I didn’t know that’s its nickname, did you?) for two duals — Michigan Friday and Michigan State Sunday.

Let’s start with the big news of the weekend — we’re probably not going to see Alex Marinelli or Kaleb Young at 165, as Joey Gunther is the only Hawkeye listed on the team’s probable lineups for the weekend. Despite a fourth and fifth place finish, it seems the pair of true freshmen are keeping the redshirts on for now. Just because there aren’t any ‘ORs’ listed in the probables immediately following the Midlands doesn’t mean they’re going to redshirt all season, but I’m sure I’m not alone when saying this is at least a little surprising.

As it stands now, Tom Brands and his staff must feel confident enough in Gunther’s ability to win a few matches at Big Tens and NCAAs to compliment guys like Thomas Gilman, Cory Clark, Brandon Sorensen, etc. If Gunther goes downhill as we begin the second half of the year, that could change, but it’s what we’re looking at for the time being.

Matches to Watch and Other Notes

- Cory Clark should will have a nice test in his likely return to the mat against No. 8 Steven Micic this evening. It sounds like Clark could’ve gone at the Midlands but the Hawkeyes played it safe, so we’ll see what effect his injury has on his performance against a potential All American.

- If Gunther beats No. 2 Logan Massa, that’d put this whole lineup question to rest, which would be fantastic.

- Any time Iowa wrestles Michigan, I’m reminded of Brody Grothus stealing the show on senior day for Tony Ramos.

How to Watch and Follow, Probable Lineups

The Michigan dual is on BTN tonight at 7 (EDIT, IT’S AT 6 CENTRAL. EAST COAST TIME SUCKS) p.m. and the dual against Sparty is on BTN2Go Sunday at 12 p.m. No additional subscription is required for sreaming if you have the network in your cable package.

Grace and Ironside will have the call on 800 KXIC, and you can follow along via these accounts.

@IowaWrLive, @Hawks_Wrestling, @Andy_Hamilton, @kjpilcher, @IAwrestle, @hagertony, @RossWB, @rossbcheck, @DI_Sports_Desk, and, as always, @BHGP.

No. 3 Iowa

125 / No. 1 Thomas Gilman, 14-0
133 / No. 1 Cory Clark, 7-0/Phil Laux, 8-7
141 / Topher Carton, 15-2
149 / No. 2 Brandon Sorensen, 15-0
157 / No. 2 Michale Kemerer, 16-0
165 / Joey Gunther, 12-2
174 / No. 11 Alex Meyer, 13-2
184 / No. 5 Sammy Brooks, 13-1
197 / Cash Wilcke, 9-4
HWT / No. 7 Sam Stoll, 5-3/Steven Holloway, 5-5

No. 14 Michigan

125 / Austin Assad, 8-4
133 / No. 8 Stevan Micic, 11-2
141 / Sal Profaci, 8-5
149 / Zac Hall, 8-4
157 / No. 7 Brian Murphy, 5-3
165 / No. 2 Logan Massa, 15-0
174 / No. 13 Myles Amine, 14-2
184 / Ernest Battaglia, 1-4
197 / Jackson Striggow, 4-6
HWT / Kostya Golobokov, 2-4/Dan Perry 2-6

Michigan State

125 / Logan Griffin, 14-6/Mitch Rogaliner, 10-8
133 / Austin Eicher, 14-8
141 / No. 14 Javier Gasca, 17-4
149 / Nick Trimble, 11-5
157 / Austin Thompson, 17-8
165 / Drew Hughes, 17-2
174 / Drew Barnes, 6-7/Logan Ritchie, 3-6
184 / Shwan Shadaia, 6-9/Wesley Maskill, 7-8
197 / Matt Okaiye, 5-5
HWT / Jacob Cooper, 9-11