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The king is dead. Long live the king.

CFP National Championship Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

What a game we had last night, yeah? I for one thought it was over at half and truly believed Deshaun Watson was concussed and ineffective. But then he went and threw some absolute daggers that will almost certainly boost his draft stock (please please please don’t ruin Deshaun Watson Buffalo/Cleveland/San Francisco/Chicago).

Bo Scarbrough getting injured didn’t help the case for the Tide either, but this turned in to a game where whoever has the ball last wins, and well Bama gave Clemson too much time with Jalen Hurts’ go-ahead score with under two minutes to play.

Anyway, you don’t want to hear a surly blogger’s description of the game. Here’s Andy Staples’ gamer. That’s how you write a lede boys and girls. Here’s Clemson beat writer Matt Connolly from Tampa, on deadline. Deadline sweat is real.

Anyway, the national championship is over, and we have more pressing matters to deal with in Hawkeye land. For just the third time in the Kirk Ferentz era we have a new offensive coordinator. You really shouldn’t really be surprised that this is how it happened, and you definitely shouldn’t be angry, because this the reality we’ve come to accept by now.

The Ferentz’s were asked about Iowa’s lack of production at the receiver position last year, and they both admitted it was a combination of personnel and scheme. Iowa will likely hire a quarterbacks coach (hopefully one who can help develop Nathan Stanley), and a new receivers coach is likely on the way while Bobby Kennedy is shown the door. You can wax on about the nepotism aspect of the whole thing, but Scott Dochterman writes father and son at two of the three most important positions on a coaching staff might be a winning formula.

Kirk Ferentz promised to give Brian Ferentz room to formulate a game plan, but as headstrong as Brian Ferentz is and as stubborn as Kirk Ferentz is, the process likely will result in creative friction. That’s something that should move Iowa forward. For the legacy of both Ferentzes, it can’t afford to go backward.

Much more digital ink will be spilled over this hire in the coming weeks, and we’ll keep you updated on that. If you’re wondering, this move will almost certainly come with a pay bump for BF.

A contract is not yet in place. In Kirk Ferentz’s new deal with the UI, there’s a clause that says assistant coaches who’ve spent five years at the school will be eligible for two-year contracts for the upcoming season. As offensive line coach, Brian Ferentz made $425,000 this season. Davis’ salary was $625,000.

Stay tuned as Iowa football continues to make headlines.

More Natty Champ Nuggets

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More Links

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-Tonight we have the premier of Taboo, starring Tom Hardy on FX. I’m really excited for it, but reviews aren’t so great.

And that’s that. Go Hawks.