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Iowa Center James Daniels Injury

Reports are coming in of a leg injury to Iowa Center James Daniels

Daniels may or may not be missing a leg.

It wouldn’t be Hawkeye football without key injuries lurking around the corner. Word is spreading around the interwebz of an apparent leg injury sustained by Iowa Center James Daniels during practice this week. Initial reports indicate the injury isn’t anything terribly serious, but he will be unavailable for Saturday’s contest with the Cyclones.

Most of the reports are being posted behind pay walls, but the jist of it is this: Daniels suffered a knee injury which will keep him out this weekend and likely another 1-2 weeks. It doesn’t appear to be anything serious or season-threatening, despite some early reports that the sophomore had torn his meniscus. Daniels did have a meniscus repaired earlier this year, which cost him some time during spring ball.

As for what this means heading into Saturday, it looks as if fellow sophomore Lucas LeGrand will get the start rather than sliding Sean Welsh back over to center and bumping Keegan Render into the starting guard spot. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility the staff tinkers with things a bit if Iowa gets off to a slow start, but the thought here is probably to keep as much continuity up front as possible.

This could present some trouble for the matchup against the Cyclones. We noted yesterday that Iowa State has a solid nose tackle in senior Desmond Tucker. That will be a key matchup to watch both in the run game (though I think a heavy dose of Wadley on the edge can mitigate any risk here) and in the passing game. Keeping Beathard healthy and with plenty of time to look downfield is key to opening up the Iowa offense both tomorrow

We will update you with any new information as it becomes available.