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Week one was OK!

It’s week two of the college football season and the NFL has busted the door down after Trevor Siemian led the Denver Broncos to a win over the presumptuous Super Bowl favorites.

More importantly, however, Iowa State comes to Iowa City this weekend to play in their own little Super Bowl, a game we have broken down with great detail over here at The Pants.

This is a game that needs no introduction so, uh, let’s just throw some money at it.

The Game

Iowa State lost at home to Northern Iowa last week, and Cyclone fans just can’t keep from convincing themselves that the Panthers are in the FBS. Anyway, that’s not good for Iowa State, especially seeing as how they may be looking at a string of losses to Iowa if this one starts to snowball here.

The Spread: Iowa -15. Now, this is a little more favorable for the Hawkeyes compared to last week where they were 27.5 point favorites, but keep in mind the stakes are a bit higher here, even though Iowa State may be comparable to Miami of Ohio. Iowa won by 14 last year, and I think that might be a good indicator of this game as well.

Regardless, I think 15 points is a large amount here, and I might have to wait to get a few beverages in me right before kickoff to wager on the Hawks at this number.

The O/U: The over/under currently rests at 51, which is half a point less than what it was last week for Iowa. I think the over here is particularly intriguing, but I’m also reminded of that 9-6 barnburner these two teams played a couple years ago. A few more beverages might be necessary to place this bet as well.

The Consensus: Like last week, I was a little cautious to bet Iowa. The Hawkeyes didn’t cover the game spread, but they did cover the over and the first-half spread (which I really like at 7, if that’s what it’s going to be released at, I can’t find a reputable book to post a first-half spread yet) so I think the play may just be to bet the over and first half spread and win money and go blow your winnings on one of those tortilla presses from Pancheros. Which, come to think of, I am absolutely AMAZED I haven’t seen one of those at a tailgate yet. If you know of a tailgate that has one, slide into my DMs.

Now that you’ve won tortilla press money on Iowa, let’s look at what we can lose all that on throughout the weekend:

Wisconsin -23.5 vs. Akron

I bet against Wisconsin last week and that was stupid. I think the Badgers are out for blood after that statement in Green Bay, and will continue on the warpath, leaving the Zips lifeless on this trail of disaster.

Washington -37.5 vs. Idaho

I’m just going to bet the Huskies until they stop covering. Join me.

Arkansas +7.5 at TCU

Both these teams played disgusting games last week and I love it. One of them is going to have to turn into a pumpkin here, and if anyone knows how to do that, it’s Bret Bielema. Look for the backdoor cover here late in the fourth quarter by the Hogs and treat yourself to dinner at Steak n’ Shake in honor of Bert.

Kansas City -3.5 vs. San Diego

Look at that, we’re getting our toes wet with some NFL action. Here’s a pro tip: don’t bet on the NFL. Ever.

That being said, I think the Chiefs are a sexy Super Bowl pick and Phil Rivers has too many kids to worry about winning a football game during back-to-school season.