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IT’S MAIL TIME: Iowa Football, Submarines or Space, and

Here’s the mail, it never fails, it makes me want to wag my tail. When it comes I want to wail, maiiiiiiiiillllllllll.

Another week, another mailbag. Last week we only got a couple of questions so we skipped it, and then I wasn’t sure if we should do one this week, but a couple of you guys asked where it went, so here’s a quick impromptu mailbag. As always, answering your questions about anything you want, no matter how stupid they are (alright, there IS a line somewhere, but you haven’t managed to cross it yet). Here we go!

We’ll start with a holdover question from last week...
By the time Ferentz retires, is he a CFB Hall of Famer?
I’m going to say no. He could be, though, if he sustains a pretty moderate success at Iowa until 2026 hahahaha. Most likely, he’ll get a statue somewhere. Maybe North Liberty.

Why was C.J. Beathard’s clear fumble not ruled as so in the Indiana game last year?
Because Indiana was bad at football and didn’t deserve to win. Touchdown, Iowa!

Mabin getting burned by MAC receivers. Cause for concern or just shaking off rust? It’s obvious teams won’t be targeting Des.
I’m not too concerned yet. He’s the weak link between himself and King, but just about anyone in the country would be. I’m more concerned that this will be a problem that permeates throughout the secondary if the DL doesn’t get a good pass rush in. If they can get a pass rush, he’ll be just fine. Everyone breaks down in coverage occasionally.

If the Full Nelson combo is destructive this week... do we start seeing 2!!! 6’7” DE’s starting every week?
Probably not, I’d say. Parker Hesse proved himself to be pretty good last season, but at the same time, we all thought that Jake Duzey would come straight back to being a starter after he got hurt and Kirk stuck with HKC and Kittle. It’s possible that if he has a monster week, he shares some playing time with Hesse. He’ll have earned it.

Who will have a better game against the ISU defense - Akrum or LeShun?
I’m picking Akrum but I also just like Akrum more because he’s so damn fast. I think we’ll most likely see a combination of LeShun and Akrum in the same way we did last week. It’ll all depend on what the Cyclones linebacking corps looks like - if they’re slow, I think Akrum has a better game; if they just aren’t very strong, Daniels and his pythons are going to run through them like semi.

Who is your pick to click for Iowa this week? A guy you don’t expect to do much but is productive.
I’m going with Jerminic Smith this week. I liked what I saw from him last week and I don’t figure for the Hawkeyes to throw the ball a ton this week. CJB’s #1 target is going to be Vandeberg, obviously, because it always is, but I like Smith on the other side of the field right now. McCarron could be a sleeper pick too.

Anyone interested in carpooling to the Penn State game this year? #roadtrip
It’s going to be a no from me, because that’s a busy ass week. I considered going to State College for this one, though. If you wanna start a convoy to PA, let this man know!

And like last time, here is a succession of EnergizerHawk questions. LFG.
Are you going to have a mailbag this week?
Yeah I guess so.
So that Nelson kid is the surprise for week 1. Who's the surprise for week 2?
Nathan Stanley probably starts this one because Iowa doesn’t want to risk a CJB injury in a game that will be decided by 100 points.
I'm confused. Why are so many people mad online?
Partially because Kirk Ferentz is the greatest coach ever. Partially because I’m not Patrick Vint. Partially because it’s the newest trend with millennials.
If you could make a team based off of Ferentz players, who would be the first string?
First string what? Stanzi as QB, Greene as HB, Cox as FB, McNutt/DJK at WR, Dallas Clark at TE. The OL would have Bulaga, Yanda, Gallery, Nelson, and Scherff.
Defense would have Clayborn, Roth, and Babineaux at DL. Hodge, Greenway, Angerer, and Jewell (I know, a 3-4 sounds wrong as hell); and the secondary would have Sash, Sanders, King, and Hyde.
Do you classify the Iowa State mascot as a weather phenomenon or a bird?
It’s a tornado swallowing a bird alive. It’s seriously such a revolting thing, especially for a school that is supposed to be an animal people school.
THREE WAY! Hooters, Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt. Who climbs to the top?
Gonna be honest: never been to a Twin Peaks. We just got one in my hometown, and I didn’t know what it was at first. Hadn’t even heard of it. Hooters wins this one because I’m obsessed with buffalo wings and they have some damn good buffalo wings.
If you’re into some fine looking waitresses, though, Tilted Kilt takes the cake.
Out of the two I have opinions on, Hooters. I’m a sucker for wings. I’ll go anywhere and get wings. It’s disgusting, when I really think about it.
Now I must find a Twin Peaks near me soon so I can fully answer this question and I will write a whole blog about it. Or put it in the open thread.
What's your jam?
Jams change all the time. My current jam is “Dang!” by Mac Miller. Upbeat and catchy as hell.
Would you rather go to space in a space craft or go to deep sea in a submarine?
Space would be so cool to go to but by the time I got back, it would be so long that everyone I knew would be so different. That, and I don’t do very well with separation. Can’t go too long without the earth and tacos.

That’s a wrap. Thanks for everyone who sent in their questions. Until next time.