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That just happened

Miami (OH) v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Who saw that coming?

Per a release sent out by Iowa this morning, Gary Barta has elected to give Kirk Ferentz a contract extension, upping his expiration date at Iowa from 2020 to 2026. Ferentz will turn 70 during the 2025 season.

The new deal will pay the man $4.5 million annually, up from the $4 million he’s been making since his last extension in 2010. Nothing has been released yet about a BUYOUT, but that’s probably just moot at this point.

More than anything, this announcement solidifies that Ferentz will retire as a Hawkeye, while likely setting the table for his son, Brian, to take the keys once his dad can no longer see over the wheel. It’s also a move to help with recruiting, which Iowa is seeing a whole lot of success in recently.

If Kirk does live out this contract, Iowa will have had exactly two head football coaches in 47 years, which is just nothing short of dynastic in college football years.

Barta’s statement in the release:

I’ve said it many times, I would like Kirk to retire as a Hawkeye, and this contract is a strong statement toward that commitment. Kirk’s dedication to the football program and the University of Iowa has brought national attention and recognition to the Hawkeyes for nearly 20 years.

Kirk is one of the top coaches in country. His commitment to winning, graduating student-athletes, and doing things the right way is unmatched by any program or coach. There is strong momentum surrounding the Hawkeye football program. Whether it’s on the field, recruiting, academics, facilities, or with his staff, we’re achieving at a high level today, and are well positioned for continued success for years to come.

Kirk is set to address the media later today, in which he’ll surely extrapolate on the extension. Please post your hot takes in the comments so I know this is real.