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We’re a little late today, but just pretend you’re eating your lunch at like 1:00 and it’ll be all good.

Fresno State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Yesterday was game day, and today is a bit slow, actually. People are recovering from a day where they probably watched football from 11am (maybe even earlier if you watched the Ireland Classic) until #Pac12AfterDark, or if you were really determined, the end of Northern Illinois-Wyoming, which ended after 2am.

If you need football today, Texas hosts Notre Dame in a game that I don’t think anyone wants either team to win (unless you’re a Texas or Notre Dame fan).

Anyway, here are a few links and tweets for you to look at. Enjoy your Sunday. Go Hawks.

  • First thing’s first. We’re not one to normally say nice things about our neighbors to the west, Nebraska did something awesome last night. On 4th and 4, they elected to send the punt team out. But what happened was, they sent 10 men onto the field and left the punter’s spot open (resulting in a delay of game) in order to honor the late Sam Foltz. Prior to the game, the team was led onto the field by his nephew, wearing a #27 jersey. Truly special moment for his family and for those in the Husker program.
  • In worse news, someone was apparently awful enough to try to steal from the Foltz family home while they were at the game. C’mon.
  • In Hawkeye news, if you missed anything from us yesterday, here was my quick recap of the game.
  • Dylan also did a piece where he talked about the good and bad things we learned from yesterday’s game. You can find that here.
  • There were a lot of ejections in Week 1, including one of Hawkeye Josey Jewell for targeting. A few Minnesota players were tossed for targeting on Thursday and Jewell yesterday, but a couple notable ones were from the Wisconsin/LSU and Alabama/USC games. Les Miles defended his player, claiming Josh Boutte thought the play was still going on (I’d disagree with that but whatever I guess), but oh my goodness. The USC player stomping on the groin of an opponent was ABYSMAL.

Just another reason to hate USC, I suppose.

  • Speaking of Jewell, though. Marc Morehouse wrote a good piece talking about what it appears Josey means to the Hawkeyes after the Miami RedHawks torched Iowa on defense.
  • I legitimately laughed out loud at this and posted it to the BHGP Twitter, but in case you missed it: do we REALLY have to face this dude?
  • Iowa’s Week 2 opponent and little brother, Iowa State, lost last night to UNI for the third time in the last 10 years. I don’t have a link for this, I just wanted to point it out.
Photo created by Des King’s Cowboy Hat