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Vegas wants us to take Northwestern and we’re gonna fall for it again

Welcome back to TAKE MY MONEY, or as I like to call it, personal finance -101.

We followed up an elite week of wagers in week three with a decent showing during week four, where I think we pushed. I dunno. I’m not gonna look. A push is a win anyway and if you haven’t learned that by now there’s nothing I can do for you.

Iowa didn’t look that great last week, and I have no reason to believe it’ll look any better this week. Vegas does, for some reason, which is I guess why you’re here. Let’s get to it.

The Game

Iowa -13.5: That’s the exact same spread Iowa got last week. Northwestern and Rutgers might be comparable talent-wise, but Pat Fitzgerald is a far superior coach. It’s also important to note this is Iowa’s homecoming, and Iowa is without star receiver Matt VandeBerg.

Fun fact: this line opened at -12, then moved a point and a half after the VandeBerg injury, which makes absolutely no sense to me. The only reason I have any confidence for Iowa to win this game is because Vegas knows something we don’t. I can’t get myself to put any skin in this game, but we’ll see how I feel after a few bloody Mary’s and an Italian beef sandwich Saturday morning.

The over/under is 43.5, which isn’t that many points, but is also a lot considering Northwestern can’t score and VandeBerg is Iowa’s third-leading scorer; only two points behind kicker Keith Duncan. I don’t know what to do here either, so I expect to find the answer in a pile of giardiniera early Saturday morning.

Now that I’ve finished my ode to Chicago drunk food, let’s soak up what else is on the docket off the track.

No. 17 Michigan State -6.5 at Indiana

Yeah yeah, I picked Sparty to mop the floor vs. Wisconsin last week, but weird things happen and Paul Chryst hasn’t been around long enough to know how things are supposed to work in the Big Ten. Look for Mark Dantonio to take care of business in Bloomington and line your pockets in the process.

No, 7 Stanford +3.5 at No. 10 Washington

No weekend is complete without a little #Pac12AfterDark and we have another Friday night matchup for you after Utah decided to cover the spread in the final minute last week. I think Washington might be the better team, but I can see a little backdoor cover action in the closing minutes from Stanford and some McCaffrey Magic in the process.

No. 22 Texas +2.5 at Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State is trash. Texas is slightly less damp trash. Don’t overthink this one.

No. 5 Clemson +2 vs. No. 3 Louisville, Over 68 points

Oh look, the team that was an onside kick away from winning the national championship last year is getting points at home? Yeah next question.

Also, let’s look at the over here. Make no mistake, 68 is a lot of points. Like 10 touchdowns worth of points. I think Vegas is trying to trick us into taking the under here, and we’re not going to fall for it, are we? If you’re reading this, you probably went to Iowa, so let’s take that public ivy education and finally make some money from it.

Bonus bet: Europe anything in the Ryder Cup

It’s probably too late to bet on the Euros +150 to win the whole thing if you’re reading this, but you still have time to bet on matchups. And Europe is likely going to blow the U.S. out of the water here. Just watch this and tell me if you have any confidence in the American team:

That’s what I thought.