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Hawkeyes host 2016 Media Day

Ferentz and the assistant coaches addressed the media. We weren’t there, but other people were.

Iowa hosted their 2016 Media Day today, where Kirk Ferentz held a press conference and afterwards, the media was allowed to talk to assistant coaches and players. Kirk got to talk about the most Iowa things ever, fullbacks and punters, and compared C.J. to Brad Banks at one point during the interview. I created a Storify to summarize and condense a bunch of tweets from media types who were there so you didn’t have to search, in case you weren’t following.

If you want to watch Kirk’s presser in full, you should be able to check that out here, and if you want to see some quotes from the players, you can check those out on The Iowa Hawkeyes Twitter.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments, I thought I’d try something new and I think it turned out alright. Your input would be great though!


Iowa also released Part Nine of their awesome “The Iowa Edge” series this morning. Check it out. If you haven’t seen the previous installments, you can find those on the Twitter of the video office. I can’t emphasize enough how great these are.

Only 28 more days...