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All 12 wins in one place

Watch videos of Iowa’s 12 wins last year to get amped up for the season.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Iowa Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The Saturday morning tradition of waking up, going on to Twitter, and reliving one of Iowa’s 12 wins from the 2015 season is now over. The season is six days away (thank jeebus) and we’re so close to football I can taste it.

To keep us held over that much longer, all the phenomenal videos Chris Ruth and the rest of the Hawkeye football new media department created are here in one conveinent place for you to enjoy and discuss.

Remember when Reggie Spearman was a thing?

Can this year’s Iowa State game top last year’s? Entertainment value to die for.

A+ postgame from Kirk after the Pitt game. Outside of Minnesota, this was my favorite game of the season. A real stretch, I know, but everything from the Swarm to the kick was just incredible. Desmond is also such a damn smart player, it’s awesome.

George Kittle looking like he just rolled out of bed is fantastic and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Big Ten football, ladies and gentlemen.

The Canzeri game was awesome…

…embarrassing Northwestern was even better.

Back to King’s intelligence. A bad throw yes, but he knew exactly when and where Perry Hills was going to throw that ball.

It’s unbelievable Beathard didn’t miss any games.

If you weren’t at the Grapple and this game, I’m sorry. Coolest day of sporting events on the planet to ever happen ever. The Daniels touchdown run at the end of the game followed by the Hawkeye defense forgetting to play was hilarious. The game was basically locked up, and the I-O-W-A chant was too crazy for anyone to care. Also, put Desmond on offense.

The 2015 senior class’ last year:

Watching Tommy Armstrong throw picks in this video is even more baffling than it was in person.

Everyone put your Roger Ebert hat on — which video was the best?