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Let the Jay Scheel era begin

Purdue v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Iowa just released its two-deeps for the game against Miami-Ohio next week, and there’s a few surprises!

-Eight true freshman on the two-deeps. That’s a lot. Like a lot.

-Jay Scheel beating out Jerminic Smith at wide receiver opposite Matt VandeBerg. We heard rumblings that he was becoming C.J.’s go-to guy in practice, and that might look to be true here.

-Still no clear-cut backup to C.J. as Kirk leaves the distinction between Nathan Stanley and Tyler Wiegers ominous.

-We’d also been hearing so much about Aaron Mends, but I guess he’s not cutting it over Bo Bower.

-One of the defensive end positions may be of concern, as there hasn’t been a definitive starter named yet between Matt and Anthony Nelson.

-We have a kicker! Best of luck to Keith Duncan.

-Brandon Snyder. GET HYPE.

Notice anything else?