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Backup quarterbacks dominated the Iowa news Tuesday and hot damn the season can’t get here fast enough.

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Orange Bowl - Iowa v Georgia Tech Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

We have a quarterback controversy!

Well not really. But sort of. This doesn’t have quite the grandeur of 2014’s Jake Rudock-C.J. Beathard saga, but per Kirk Ferentz and Greg Davis on Tuesday afternoon, sophomore Tyler Wiegers and true freshman (GASP!)/recipient of the Willies Camp Sensation Award Nate Stanley are battling to be Beathard’s backup, earning the right to play in garbage time.

We touched on this a week ago (linked above) in this same weekly post, so I won’t go into too much background, but unless I’m missing something here, I don’t get why this is happening.

Unless Stanley, an 18 year-old, is good enough to Stanzi Beathard (who would have to turn into Jake Christensen for this to happen) by the time conference play rolls around (or “Wiegers” could turn out to be Christensen in some sort of Scooby-Doo type situation), there’s no reason to burn his redshirt during a season that, let’s face it, will likely be lost and horribly depressing without Beathard running the show.

Yes, Desmond King this and Josey Jewell that, I get it — I’m as big of a fan of those guys as anyone, but Beathard’s the heart and soul of this team, there’s no denying it. The Stanley and Wiegers debate is one we’ll beat into the ground after C.J. wins the Heisman en route to the CFP title.

As I wrote last week — and consider this the formal acknowledgement of my hypocrisy — let’s hold off on this until we have to.

The talking heads over at ESPN had a spirited debate over the value of strength and conditioning coaches across the country, spurred by Iowa’s own Chris Doyle and his nearly $600,000 salary.

In the pro-Iowa corner is Sam Ponder, arguing against Desmond Howard and Booger McFarland (I had to look him up). Take a loo— Oops, almost forgot about David Pollack, he’s there too.

My ears hurt after watching that. I’m sorry for linking it here and even giving it the time of day. I’m part of the problem.

Did you hate watching a tiny close up of Gabe Olaseni’s face moving back and forth while Fall Out Boy's “Centuries” blared through a ¾ full stadium? Couldn’t see if Sammy Brooks kept his toe in bounds while the chump he was wrestling tried to flee the circle? Were you sick of your pearly whites looking grainy and pixelated on the Delta Dental Smile Cam?

Fear not! When you walk into the barnburner that will be the first game of the Tyler Cook era later this fall, you’ll be able to watch Peter Jok shoot 17-29 on a crystal-clear video board suspended below the bubble roof in CHA.

Gone are the days of having the worst scoreboard in a league that includes Northwestern High’s Welsh-Ryan “Arena” – we’re in a new era.

Here’s to hoping it won’t create weird shadows on the new, not-redesigned, floor for all this year’s Saturday afternoon hoops games.

The last two times I’ve been too emotionally invested in baseball teams from the Hawkeye state have resulted in a heartbreaking loss to Ohio State (Rick, if you’re reading this, let’s hang out) and an argument about Tommy LaStella.

Here’s to hoping the Johnston Little Leaguers turn that mojo around before Kyle Schwarber begins his rehab assignment in DSM next week.

Two Michigan recruits became just recruits Monday after rescinding their commitment from the Wolverines. Aubrey Solomon, a 2017 defensive tackle, told 247 sports the following.

"A day or two ago, they sent my mom a card thanking us for going to the Michigan bbq, but we never went. I do not know which recruit they were talking to, but it was not me. It was just a little heartbreaking, for me to supposedly be so high on their list, for them to confuse me with someone else. Plus they spelled both of my names wrong after I told them, but that was not the main issue. I guess they do not have tabs on me."

Someone find me the security footage of Harbaugh chewing out the mailroom guy ASAP, I want to compare it to Bo Pelini’s evisceration of Shawn Eichorst.