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Welp: Daniel Dennis falls in Olympic prelims

Daniel Dennis’ Olympic hopes dashed early as he falls 11-0 to Vladimir Dubov

Wrestling - Olympics: Day 14 Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Iowa’s own Daniel Dennis will see an early exit from Rio after falling to Vladimir Dubov 11-0 in the prelims at 57 KG.

Dennis still had an opportunity to wrestle for Bronze if Dubov won his semifinal bout, but the Bulgarian fell to Georgia’s Vladimir Khinchegashvili to knock Dennis out of the consolation round.

Dubov reached 10-0 on a technical and the rest was history for our Wild Man, who was wrestling in his first Olympics after walking away from the sport for three years.

At the age of 29, this will likely be the only chance Dennis will ever see at a medal. Bleacher Report had an excellent profile of Dennis the other day, and Sports Illustrated gave the all-American some ink too. Both are worth your time to read.

Let’s just reminisce over the good times we had while watching the Wild Man. What was your favorite Daniel Dennis moment?