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Was your Fourth of July fun? Maybe not as fun as Josey Jewell's Fourth of July.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

You probably had a slip 'n' slide when you were a kid -- or knew someone who did.  Hell, it wasn't exactly hard to make one -- just lay down some plastic and get some running water out of a hose and you're pretty much good to go.  They were a fun -- and refreshing -- way to pass the time in the long, hot midwestern summers.

I'm willing to bet that you didn't have a slip 'n' slide as cool as the one that Josey Jewell has set up at his family's farm.

Hot damn.  Now THAT'S a slip 'n' slide alright.

Jewell and a few Iowa teammates -- Friend of the Pants Chad Leistikow spotted Bo Bower and Tyler Wiegers, but there may be more as well (drop us a line in the comments if you recognize some more Iowa dudes) -- are putting said slip 'n' slide to use in what looks like a really damn good time.

(Also really damn good?  The production values on this video. Holy crap, they're way beyond what you'd expect for some guys goofing around on a slip 'n' slide.)

Hopefully Jewell & Co. made it through their slip 'n' slide adventures unscathed -- we'd hate to have to add slip 'n' slides to Solon Beef Days on the list of summer activities that dinged up key Iowa players ahead of the season.

(H/T to @ChadLeistikow)