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Tyler Cook Kills Rims And Other PTL Highlights

Some early PTL thoughts.

Courtside Films

The Prime Time League got underway last Thursday and with it came our first glimpses of several Iowa newcomers, including Tyler Cook and Jordan Bohannon, two true freshmen who will likely be relied up on to play heavy minutes in the 2016-17 season.  Caveats abound regarding the level of competition in the PTL and the quality of defense on display, but there are still plenty of things to be excited about from the debuts of Cook and Bohannon.

Again, there are a lot of caveats to be made regarding the quality of defense on display... or the lack thereof.  But Cook still looks like a very impressive athlete, with a great deal of strength and explosion for an 18-year old true freshman.  He converts at the rim well and draws fouls, which figure to be key parts of his game this year.  He also shows a little range on his jump shot (though he reportedly went 1/7 from 3-point range in this game, so he may not be hoisting all that many deep looks for Iowa this year). All told, there's plenty to get excited from our first look at Cook in PTL action.

Bohannon's highlights basically amount to 3-point shooting porn, but hey -- we don't judge.  Bohannon shows off impressive range and a quick release on his shots (and he reportedly made 7/11 3-point attempts on Thursday, so he was pretty efficient as well) and, sure, there's a difference between doing that in the PTL and doing that in the Big Ten.  But Bohannon certainly looks like he has the skill set to improve Iowa's long-range shooting efforts and help space the floor better, which would be a very welcome development.

Meanwhile, if you just can't get enough PTL highlights, here are a few more for you to take in:

H/T to the good folks at Courtside Films for the highlights of Cook and Bohannon and to Hawkeye Report for the other PTL highlights.