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The Kirk Ferentz Big Ten Media Days Press Conference Roundup

A list of the most important things that Kirk Ferentz (and Gary Barta) had to say at his Big Ten Media Days press conference.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Kirk Ferentz and Gary Barta addressed the media at the Big Ten Media Days in Chicago's Hyatt Regency McCormick Place. Here's a roundup of the most important news they had to share.

Retirement Contract Talks in Progress

The way it stands right now, Kirk Ferentz's contract runs through January 31st, 2020 at just over $4 million per year. He's 61 now, so he'd be 64 by the time his current contract expires. Well:

As Barta explicitly said that it wasn't going to be a one year rollover, we can expect Iowa to make Ferentz a multi-year offer that will essentially end with his retirement. Hayden Fry retired when he was 69 and likely wanted to coach longer but for his health, so it's not unbelievable to think that Ferentz could be extended until 2025. If this were to come to fruition and Ferentz were to survive the additional five years, Iowa will have gone 45 years with only two head coaches. Mas Casa has more details at the Gazette.

The End Around Guy Is Out

Once an undersized running back who averaged a mere 8.8 YPC, Parker was moved to wide-receiver and promptly went into witness protection. His kickoff return duties were stripped following the TaxSlayer Bowl debacle, he didn't catch one past last season and the only time he took the field was on trick plays. This injury essentially means that Iowa is going to have to field another obvious player to run an obvious end around for a gain of 2 yards. I nominate Adrian Falconer.

Praise for Faith

Ferentz had praise for the way that all parties involved handled the Faith Ekakitie situation:

Doc also did a piece on the topic, which includes the body camera footage that was released from the ICPD.


How significant?

Considering Marshall Koehn and Dillon Kidd graduated, Iowa is in the market for a new kicker and punter. Iowa has five kickers on the roster, all of whom are underclassmen. The punting situation isn't much better with two of the potential candidates being redshirt freshmen. Our savior may come in the form of Ron Coluzzi, a graduate transfer from Central Michigan who has one year of eligibility remaining.

No Charles Woodson Performances

This is unfortunate. We all wanted Desmond King to be out there burning cornerbacks and locking down wide receivers like Charles Woodson did back in the day at Michigan but Kirk Ferentz just wants to rain on our parade.

Finally, Kirk buff!