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IOWA WANTS BAMA... To Join Them At a Satellite Camp

Iowa will be running with some very big dogs in recruiting.

David Purdy/Getty Images

A month ago, the NCAA banned satellite camps, even though it didn't really make sense for several of the conferences who voted against the camps to vote in that way.  (Sup Sun Belt.) After a month of mostly unanimous backlash against the decision to ban satellite camps, though, the NCAA did something weird a week ago: they reacted swiftly and in the best interests of student-athletes and overturned the ban. With satellite camps back in the NCAA's good graces, teams are jumping to schedule them -- including Iowa.

Why, yes, that is Iowa appearing at "The Mega Camp," a massive satellite camp in Birmingham, Alabama next month. They'll be there rubbing shoulders with a trio of other Power 5 schools, including SEC heavyweights Alabama and Georgia and our old Orange Bowl pals, Georgia Tech.  There will also be several non-Power 5 FBS schools in attendance, many of them from down south but also from farther-flung climes like Colorado State and Army.  (Those trademark-infringing mofos at Southern Miss will also be there, so hopefully no recruits get confused about who's taking a shine to them.) There will also be schools from the Division II, Division III, and NAIA ranks there, further proof that satellite camps are about far more than just the biggest and flashiest schools hoarding more recruits.

But we care about Iowa and it is certainly very curious to see Iowa doing a satellite camp in the heart of SEC country. Curious -- but also very welcome. Will Iowa get any significant recruits out of the south as a result of their appearance at this camp?  Maybe, maybe not. This is a good time for Iowa to be out and about in that region -- Iowa's profile after going 12-0 and appearing in the Rose Bowl is as high as it's been since the Orange Bowl win in 2009 -- so meeting recruits and building connections makes a lot of sense.  It would be nice if Iowa could parlay that into some recruits in 2017, but even if they don't directly land any recruits this year, it may pay dividends in a year or two in the form of increased visibility and improved relationships with coaches and programs down south.