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Ogle some Iowa spring football highlights to pass the time.


The end of Iowa baseball's season on Sunday means that Iowa's 2015-16 sports season is pretty much fully in the books -- Iowa still has some track and field athletes competing at the NCAA Outdoor Championships in a few weeks, but that's it. And that means that we're entering into the leanest season of Hawkeye sports #content around these parts. The good news? We're now under 100 days from the beginning of the 2016 football season.  The bad news?  We're still 95 days away from the season beginning for Iowa.

In happier news, Iowa's excellent video department dropped a new video full of Spring Football highlights over the weekend and it makes for a fun watch:

Sure, it's just Spring football, but beggars can't be choosers at this point, right?  Right. And Chris Ruth & Co. really do make absolutely killer videos.

Things I learned from this video:

  • Holy crap, Jay Scheel. Scheel wasn't able to wow Iowa fans in the Spring Game/Open Practice, but he's certainly the star of the show in this clip, making several drool-worthy catches and plays. Highlights like these are going to make the Scheel bandwagon a very crowded place by September, but if he can bring some of these plays to actual games next fall, we're going to be a very happy bunch.
  • Desmond King is still very good. You know, in case you were wondering.  It's nice that Beathard and the rest of the Iowa quarterbacks don't have to play against him in real games.  Sucks for the rest of the Big Ten, though.
  • Joshua Jackson also shows off some very nice ball-hawking skills in the clip; it's not hard to see why he's vaulted up the depth charts so quickly.
  • Josey Jewell likes to hit people and I like watching Josey Jewell hit people.
  • George Kittle owes Miles Taylor a jock strap for that move he put on him.
  • Eric Graham (#23) shows some nice burst on a run in that clip; assuming good health, LeShun Daniels, Akrum Wadley, and Derrick Mitchell figure to swallow up most of the carries for Iowa next year, but it's nice to see what Graham can do -- and that sort of speed could be a useful asset for the Iowa offense.
Anything else you noticed?