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Iowa City knows a thing or three about wrestling, especially at the Olympic level.


The United States Olympic Committee is doing a documentary series called Olympic Hometowns in America leading up to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this August. The series will visit seven cities across the country "that have deep connections to the Olympic and Paralympic movements."  The reason we're talking about it should be fairly obvious -- Iowa City was chosen as one of the seven cities featured in the series due to its deep and meaningful ties to wrestling.  The four shorts that comprise the Iowa City episode have been released ahead of this weekend's Olympic Team Trials in Iowa City (more info on that coming up on the site shortly). They're full of images and comments from Iowa wrestling luminaries like Dan Gable and Tom and Terry Brands to current and past wrestlers and the fans themselves.  They're a fun watch.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV: