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The most important takeaways from Iowa's running back/special teams and offensive line coaches.

There are no pictures of Brian Ferentz or Chris White, apparently, so here's LeShun Daniels.
There are no pictures of Brian Ferentz or Chris White, apparently, so here's LeShun Daniels.
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, running backs and special teams coach Chris White and offensive line coach Brian Ferentz stepped to the podium and answered questions about their respective coaching positions. The full transcript can be found at Hawkeye Sports or you could just keep reading for the most important takeaways from the press conference:

Chris White:

1. LeShun Daniels is your starting RB, Akrum Wadley is putting on weight and Derrick Mitchell should be back for the summer program.

White flat out said that LeShun is Iowa's starting tailback and praised Akrum Wadley's efforts to get over the 190lb mark. Wadley is listed as 185 on Iowa's official roster and putting on weight has been a struggle for the junior but he's now hovering at around 190 and he hasn't slowed down:

His first concern was I'm not going to be as fast. I'm like, that's ridiculous, you're going to be faster. I think he broke the ten record or something with Coach Doyle, and at 190 pounds. He's going to be faster, more explosive, those type of things.

White also reiterated that Derrick Mitchell, who is still recovering from off-season surgery, will not be available during the spring but should return by summer camp.

2. There's no fullback, yet.

Macon Plewa and Adam Cox graduating left a pretty big hole at fullback for Iowa. Drake Kulick actually got some touches last year but Brady Ross and Austin Kelly are also potential starters. White expects a starter to emerge come preseason camp.

3. We probably won't know who Iowa's kicker or punter is until gameday.

White was fairly confident that a kicker isn't going to be chosen until the day of. He wasn't impressed at what he saw:

Outside today for the first time really kicking, and it wasn't pretty.

He also didn't give any indication on who is leading at punter.

4. Jereminic Smith, Josh Jackson and Adrian Falconer could get some time at kick/punt returner.

King is Iowa's obvious return man but White also mentioned these three as other guys who will be getting work at returner.

From Ferentz:

1. Boone Myers was moved to guard due to his athletic ability.

Ferentz praised Myers athleticism and cited it as the reason that he was moved from left tackle to guard.

2. Sean Welsh has been moved to center.

Welsh, who started at guard and tackle last year has been shifted to center. Ferentz praised Welsh's abilities as well and labeled him a "natural football player."

" you take a guy who is a natural football player like Sean, which is why he slid to tackle and why he's done some things for us. You slide him into center and really, you just count on his football aptitude to kick in because there's a little bit different when you're snapping the ball and you're blocking guys, that's a little bit different."

While his "football aptitude" might be the reason for the shift, the injury to James Daniels could also play a factor.

3. Cole Croston remains at left tackle and Ike Boettger remains at right tackle.

"...when Boone went down in the North Texas game, Cole stepped in and never stepped out. I think that's a credit t ohim. And what he did was he stepped in and he demonstrated to us that we had made a mistake."

4. Keegan Render is getting first team reps and is Iowa's "sixth" lineman.

The one-time consensus three-star recruit that saw some playing time last season is now getting guard reps with the first team and has been labeled as the "six" at this point. Ferentz also named Ryan Ward, Dalton Ferguson and Steve Ferentz as guys who were emerging.

Iowa's open practice is scheduled for April 23rd at 1:00 P.M. (CT) at Kinnick Stadium.