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Can you predict the winners in all the Big Ten Tournament games this week? Prove it.

"Hell yeah, pick 'ems!"
"Hell yeah, pick 'ems!"
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Big Ten Tournament gets underway tomorrow, which means that it's time for you to show off your powers of prognostication.  I mean, the NCAA Tournament gets underway next week -- you don't want to go into that completely cold, right?  You need to flex your muscles, work the kinks out a little bit. So go right ahead and make your picks for who you think will win each game in the Big Ten Tournament.  We're using a Google form to handle the picks, with drop-down options for each question.  Every possible option is represented for each game, which means that, yes, you can pick Rutgers an awful lot if you want.  (I don't know why you would want that.)

There's no prizes on the line for this contest -- just good old-fashioned pride and the joy of being able to show off your picking prowess to your internet commenting peers.  We will likely offer a prize for the NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em which will launch next week -- we'll be going through Yahoo! for that contest, BTW.

The games start at 2:30 PM CT tomorrow (with Minnesota-Illinois), so get your picks in now.