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And the award goes to...

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

THE OSCARS WEREN'T THE END OF AWARDS SEASON. With the extended season that included a Big Ten Championship game and Rose Bowl, Iowa held their annual awards banquet a little later than usual this year. The Hawkeyes will kick off Spring practices in a few weeks, but before that it was time to hand out some hardware for the 2015 season.


Permanent Captains: C.J. Beathard, Austin Blythe, Jordan Lomax, Drew Ott and Josey Jewell

Hayden Fry Extra Heart Beat Award: C.J. Beathard and Austin Blythe on offense. Drew Ott and Josey Jewell on defense and Tyler Travis Perry on special teams.

Player's Choice: C.J. Beathard on offense. Josey Jewell and Jordan Lomax on defense.

Reggie Roby Special Teams Award: Marshall Koehn

Brett Greenwood Award: Adam Cox and Macon Plewa

Next Man-in Award: Cole Croston on offense and Parker Hesse on defense.

Coaches Appreciation Award: Jordan Canzeri, Tevaun Smith and Jordan Walsh on offense. Jordan Lomax on defense and Riley McCarron and Cole Fisher on special teams.

Finish Strong Award: Cole Fisher

Iron Hawk Award: Austin Blythe

Team Hustle Award: Jacob Hillyer, Matt VandeBerg and Henry Krieger-Coble on offense. Josey Jewell, Nate Meier and Miler Taylor on defense. Brandon Snyder on special teams.

Team Leader Award: Drew Cook, Nate Wieting,  Brett Waechter and Brady Ross on offense. Daniel Gaffey and Jake Hullet on defense and Brandon Bishop for special teams.

Distinguished Service Award: Bob Brooks

Offensive MVP: C.J. Beathard

Defensive MVP: Desmond King