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Caring is Creepy is off to a strong start for 2017.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

IOWA IS OFF TO A FAST START TO THE 2017 RECRUITING CLASS. Of course, it helps to land one of the biggest legacy recruits in Kirk Ferentz's tenure. It doesn't appear A.J. Epenensa made it to Iowa City yesterday but a lot of big prospects Iowa hopes to land did. There's several recruiting sites to get the latest news on the big event in Iowa City. Perhaps, the best to follow on Twitter is Rivals' Blair Sanderson. He lit up Twitter with some of the best from the day. Here's a tweetcap:

So, what do we have here? There's one commit: Djimon Colbert, a three-star safety from Kansas (more on that later). Here's a list using Rival's links on the short list from above:

Rocky Lombardi -- *** -- Athlete/QB -- West Des Moines, Iowa

Andrew Clair -- *** -- Running Back -- St. Louis, Missouri

Tommy Herion -- Quarterback -- Wilmette, Illinois

Russ Yeast -- *** -- Athlete/Wide Receiver -- Greenwood, Indiana

T.J. Garrity -- Defensive End -- Waukesha, Wisconsin

Jordan Goodwin -- Wide Receiver -- Belleville, Illinois

Jordan Rowell -- *** -- Running Back -- Elmhurst, Illinois

Kendall Gould --  Wide Receiver -- Waukesha, Wisconsin

Kolade Amusan -- Linebacker -- Woodbury, Minnesota

Jake Ferguson -- *** -- Athlete -- Madison, Wisconsin

Dyllan Conway --  Wide Receiver -- St. Louis, Missouri

Ryan Newton --  Linebacker -- St. Louis, Missouri

Ivory Kelly-Martin -- *** -- Running Back -- Oswego, Illinois

Thomas Dutton -- Tight End -- Columbia, Missouri

Zach Dykstra -- *** -- Offensive Line -- Spirit Lake, Iowa

Javeon McQuitty -- **** -- Wide Receiver -- Columbia, Missouri

Terrell Carey -- Wide Receiver -- Madison, Wisconsin